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Q: What is the Latin phrase for Nota Bene?
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How do you say this notice in Spanish?

The Latin phrase 'nota bene' (N.B.) is used in Spanish, as it is in English

What does 'nb' on a text mean?

It's an acronym for the Latin phrase nota bene, which means "note well".

What is the meaning of the Latin term 'nota bene'?

The Latin and Italian phrase 'nota bene' means note well. It is commonly used in legal papers to draw attention to certain details meaning either 'pay attention' or 'take notice'.

What does NB stand for in the Latin language?

Nota Bene

How do you use nota bene in a sentence?

You can use "nota bene" in a sentence to draw attention to an important point or to make sure a specific detail is understood. For example, "The deadline for the project is Friday, nota bene that late submissions will not be accepted."

What does NB mean in Robinson Crusoe?

I suspect that NB stands for the Latin phrase nota bene,whick means 'note well'.

What is another way to say please note?

The Latin abbreviation nb (nota bene, "note well") could be used for this purpose.

What does NB mean in academic writing?

NB means "Nota Bene", Italian for "Well noted"or "Note well", or would be "Notez bien" in French ... it's also new brunswick and no ball in cricket

What is meant by NB?

The noun has one meaning: a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to somethingSynonyms:,

What does 'N.B.' stand for in Latin?

The abbreviation 'N.B.' comes from the Latin phrase 'Nota Bene'. The English equivalent of the complete phrase is most commonly rendered as follows: [May you] Note Well. In modern spoken English, the equivalent is more likely 'Pay attention'. For the phrase is intended to call attention to a particular aspect or detail of whatever is under discussion.

What is the Latin term for observe carefully?

observe carefully

What is abbreviation of Nota Bene?

NB.... Note well, to take notice of. It's from Latin.