What is the Latin root word for 'education'?

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'Education' is known to have several root words. It is popularly known to be derived from the Latin root 'educo' meaning to 'educe'- to draw out. It also has root words, 'educare' and 'educere'. "educare' means to 'rear or to bring up' and it refers to child rearing, whereas, 'educere' which is derived from two roots 'e' and 'ducere' means to 'draw out from within' or to 'lead forth'.
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What is the Latin root word of the Latin for 'to speak'?

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What is the Latin root word for education?

It comes from the word "educare" which means "to bring up", from e - "out" and ducere "to lead; to bring forward". Well, now. This is embarrassing. I should have hired a

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There are two roots here in 'manicure': 'mani' comes from manus, meaning "hand," and 'cure' comes from curare, meaning "to care for."
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