What is the Latin term for lynx?

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Q: What is the Latin term for lynx?
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Latin word for lynx?

It is also 'lynx', the same word

What is the Latin term for bobcat?

Although there are about 12 sub-species, the taxonomic term for the Bobcat is Lynx rufus.See the link below for more info:

What is the lynx's scientific name?

There are several different types of lynx and each species has its own Latin name: Lynx Lynx - the Eurasian Lynx Lynx canadensis - the Canadian Lynx Lynx pardinus - the Iberian Lynx Lynx rufus - the famous bobcat (N. America) Hope this helps :D

What other name is there for a bobcat?

Well, I know the latin name, Lynx rufus, meaning lynx with red hair.

What is the Latin name for the lynx?

That depends on which species of lynx:Lynx canadensis - Canada lynxLynx lynx - Eurasian lynxLynx pardinus - Iberian lynxLynx rufus - Bobcat

What does the scientific name for the bobcat mean?

Lynx rufus is the scientific name for the bobcat. 'Lynx' originates from an Indo-European term meaning "light" and was applied to bobcats and other members of the lynx family because they have luminescent, refelective eyes. 'Rufus' is Latin for red and refers to the cat's reddish-tan fur.

Do you say two lynx or two lynxes?

Two lynxes is the correct term.

What is the scientific name of a lynx?

There are four different wild cat species which are called Lynx:-Lynx lynxLynx canadensisLynx pardinusLynx rufusthe latin name for a lynx isLynx lynx

How many different breeds of lynx are their?

Breed is a term applied to domestic animals, such as dogs, cats or cattle. Species is the term used to describe wildlife. There are four extant species of lynx: Eurasian lynxCanada lynxIberian lynxBobcat

What is the Genus Latin name for Bobcat?

The Bobcat species (Lynx rufus) is in the Genus "Lynx".Please see the related link below for more info:

What does term mean in Latin?

I learn Latin at school and "term" in Latin is "terminium"

What animal has the same name as its latin name?

The gorilla, hippopotamus, lynx, and python are a hand full of animals with the similar Latin names.

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