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Here are some possibilities, used in different contexts: vox, virtus, vires, vis, praesentia, presencia, potestas, vis vires, potentia, opulentia, presentia, ops, nomen, facultas, auctorita Poder is Latin for power. The English version is "potent" meaning powerful.

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Q: What is the Latin word for 'power'?
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What is the Latin translation for the word power in Latin?


Latin word for power?


What is the latin word for power.?

If you mean power as in authority. Imperium

What is the English word 'power' in latin?


How do you say power in Latin?

Its the word vis.

What is the Latin word for willpower?

Latin name for will power is Arbitratus Dominatus

What is vis in Latin?

The Latin word vis means "power, force."

What is the Latin root word meaning power?

The Latin root is Posse meaning, to be able

What is the Latin root word meaning of vis?

Force; power., Physical force., Moral power.

What is the Latin word for the power of light?

Virtus Lucem

What is the Latin word meaning 'strength or power'?


What is the latin word for power?

potestatum Second answer: The answer above is incorrect to an extent, the answerer has given the genitive plural of power, which literally means 'of the powers'. The Latin word for power is potestas.

Translate vis from Latin to English?

The Latin word Vis means power or force or strength.

Is dictator a french word?

It is a Latin word of the same spelling, meaning one who has absolute power and authority. In Latin use, a dictator was a judge in the Roman Republic invested with absolute power

Where did deism get its name?

The word is originally from the Latin word deus. This is the word for god in Latin. Deists are people who believe there is a higher power, but it is not necessarily the Christian god.

What does dynamic mean in latin?

Dynamic does not derive from Latin. It comes from a Greek word, dunamis, meaning power.

What is the greek meaning of power?

The word power actually derives from the Latin for 'be able'. It has no Greek meaning.

Where does solar power come from?

The sun. Sol is the Latin word for sun.

What is Latin for possibility?

"Possibility" is one of the possible translations of the Latin word potestas (also "power; ability").

Where did the word power come from?

It comes from an Anglo-Norman word poeir, from an alteration of the Latin word posse which means 'be able'

What is the root meaning of the word virtue?

The word virtue comes from a Latin root meaning strength or power.

In the Latin language what is the original meaning of the word 'with'?

The word "with" is not a Latin word nor is it derived from a Latin word. The Latin word for "with" is cum.

What is the meaning of the word government?

mind power believe it or not! its from latin gover means power mente means mind

What does the Latin word nomous mean?

There is no such word in Latin; -ous is not a Latin word ending.

What is the latin word for siblings?

The Latin word for siblings is fratribus. The Latin word for sister is soror, while the Latin word for brother is frater.