What is the Latin word for back?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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move things

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The Latin prefix retro- means "backwards." It appears in such words as retrospicere "to look back at" (source of English "retrospect" and "retrospective") and retrogradior"to go backwards" (source of English "retrograde").

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Q: What is the Latin word for back?
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What is the Latin word for airplane?

Aeroplanum. Not that they had that word back than. :)

In latin what word means looking back on past events?

In Latin the word that means 'looking back on past events' is 'retrōspectus'. In English, this is 'retrospect'.

the word for (to get back)?

The Latin phrase for "Back to the beginning" is ab initio

What is the latin word for moving back?

move things

The meaning of latin word redeas?

to back down

What is the word for returns in latin?

Returns or comes back is revenit

What does the latin word redire mean?

To go back/return

What is the origin of the word dorsal?

Dorsal comes from the Latin word dorsum, meaning the back.

What is the latin root word of revocation?

The Latin root word of "revocation" is "revocare," which means to call back or revoke.

What is the etymology of the word 'dominion'?

The word "dominion" comes from the Latin word "dominio," meaning "power" or "authority." It ultimately traces back to the Latin word "dominus," which means "master" or "lord."

How do you say 'tiger' in Latin?

The word in Latin for 'tiger' is tigris. The Latin word traces back to the more ancient, classical Greek language. The word also may be used as a proper noun in the case of the famous Tigris River.

What does the Latin word norske mean?

There is no Latin word norske. It is a Norwegian word that means "Norwegian", and it is of good Norwegian ancestry. It goes back to the Germanic word for "North" (which is the root of our word as well).