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medio día(:

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Q: What is the Latin word that means before midday?
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What do AM and PM stand for in regards to time?

am stands for ante meridiem, the Latin phrase meaning "before midday". pm stands for post meridiem, the Latin phrase meaning "after midday". Meridiem derives from the accusative singular form of the word meridies, a fifth declension noun meaning midday, or noon.

Compound word that means after midday?


What does the word am in time?

The abbreviation "am" or "AM" or ``A.M.`` used in describing the time of day stands for ``ante meridiem`` which means ``before midday``. P.M., of course, stands for post meridiem - after midday.

What is the word that means midday but starts with n?


What is the Latin word that means before birth?

For birth I'm pretty sure its Ortus.Which is more like "origin" or "source" of birth. Life is "Vita"

What does 'cp' mean before the Latin word 'liber'?

Compare may be what the abbreviation 'cp' means before the word 'liber'. The word 'liber' is Latin for book. The Latin abbreviation for 'compare' is 'cf', which is an abbreviation for the verb 'confer' ['to compare'].

What does ante delictum mean?

Ante is the Latin word for before and delictum is Latin for offense. The phrase ante delictum means before the offense.

Why is ante meridiem called ante meridian?

It isn't. Although meridiem and meridian both derive from the Latin word meridies, meaning midday, there is no such term as ante meridian. The term meridian usually refers to an imagineary line of longitude upon the earth, whereupon the time is midday (12 noon) when the line passes directly under the sun due to the earth's rotation. Meridiem, on the other hand, refers to midday itself, such that ante meridiem means before midday (before noon) and post meridiem means after midday (after noon, and hence afternoon), thus dividing the 24 hour day into two equal 12 hour periods starting at midnight (ante meridiem) and midday (post meridiem). The terms are abbreviated to a.m. and p.m. respectively, and are used whenever referring specifically to the 12 hour clock. Thus 2 a.m. literally means the second hour in the 12 hour period that precedes midday.

Does the word midday need a hyphen?

No the word "midday" is not hyphenated.

What is the etymology of antecedent?

An antecedent is a word or thing that is referred to in a following sentence. The word antecedent come from the Latin words 'ante' which means 'before' and 'cedo' which means 'fall'. The two Latin words together mean 'to fall before.'

What Latin word means to read?

Legere is the Latin word which means "to read"

What does previx ante mean?

The prefix 'ante-' means before. It comes from the Latin word 'ante', which means before. An example of this is the word anteroom, which is a smaller room that comes before a larger room.