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The "M" code is the code that must be put on in order to get the other codes to work GameShark stopped putting up codes for older games you can go to and type in or you can find it on

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 12:17:02
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Q: What is the M code for Pokemon Silver for Gameshark version 1.0?
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What is the Pokemon Silver Version sprite changer gameshark code?


What is the full pokedex code for Pokemon soul silver north America version?

430Gc324?! Its the gameshark code

How do you place the gameshark code into Pokemon Silver?


Pokemon ruby gameshark steal Pokemon code English version?


Can you get shiny Pokemon with gameshark?

Of course! you just have to type in the right gameshark code for your version!!

Can you get a gameshark code for Palkia for Pokemon Sapphire version?


What is the master code about in Pokemon Ruby version?

A master Code allows you to get any Pokemon desired with gameshark

What is the gameshark code to catch other trainers Pokemon in emerald version?

you cant new codes on a gameshark you can on an actionreplay.

What is the gameshark code to get Deoxys in Pokemon firered version?

The Code to battle deoxys right away is: === ===

Where you can get Pokemon Fire Red Japanese Version codebreaker or gameshark codes I have codebreaker or gameshark codes of English version but i want of Japanese version.?

this is gameshark. (M)must be on 386ba876fd82 Shiny code 386f85903a39 7504ad858cb9

How do you catch others trainers Pokemon in firered version?

Only if you have the gameshark code...

What is the GameShark master code for Pokemon Blue Version on GameBoy?

gameshark for gameboy and gameboy colour dident have master codes

Is there a gameshark code to level up a Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

No; in FR version, there is no level-up code. There is a code to get max Rare Candy codes, however.

What is the gameshark code in Pokemon fire red version for infinite masterballs?

Infinite master balls

What is the walk through walls Gameshark code for Pokemon Silver?

The walk though walls Gameshark code for Pokémon Gold and Silver: 0108A3CE0108A4CE 0108A5CE 0108A6CE You have to put all the codes in the Gameshark for the walk through walls code to work correctly.

What is the GameShark code for master ball in Pokemon light Platinum?

82025BD00001. While in the game, access your "Cheat List" and click "Gameshark" to enter this code. Because Pokemon Light Platinum is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby, you can use a variety of cheats to enhance your gaming experience.

How do you find Deoxys with the Gameshark in Pokemon Emerald?

you need a gameshark code

How do you type a master code in any Pokemon game?

with a gameshark. with a gameshark

How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Red version?

first of all you need game genie or gameshark, search the code! you dum

Pokemon soul silver Secret Potion code?

Action Replay or Gameshark? You can look it up on

How do you catch to Island 9 in Pokemon FireRed?

You need a Gameshark and a Gameshark Code.

How do you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon sapphire?

Use a Gameshark (I lost my Gameshark code for it)

After you imput a gameshark Pokemon code where is the Pokemon located.?

plz answer

Is there a gameshark code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

yes there is

What is the Gameshark code for catch trainers Pokemon chaos black?

It's a hacked version maybe you can use the cheats from Pokemon fire red/leaf green