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its mean that if you give love to someone else they will give love back to you.

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What is the meaning of name Yuri?

a give love

Can you give tips for Love?

No1 can give tips for love, mostly because people have their own view on the meaning of what love is.

What is the hawaiian meaning of he aloha mai?

It means "give me love."

What does the word love mean to you?

love means many things. the dictionary meaning for love is: strong affection for another person my meaning is: if you love someone then you see a different side of them that no one else sees. if you love someone, you want to give them care that no one else can give. if you love someone, you want them to have the best life they can get.

What if your man is dying?

Give him all the support. Prove your love to him, that is the meaning of love.

Difference between loads of love and lots of love?

There is no difference between the phrase loads of love and the phrase lots of love. They both have the meaning to give an enormous amount of love.

What is the meaning to Where is the Love?

love is a feeling that you get when you like some one a lot and you will give up your life for them and lever stop thinking about her or him

It is not how much you give but the love you put into giving it is not the how much you do but the love you put into doing that gives its deepest meaning?

That is 100% true. Some people may not believe that but when they expierience it, they discover that the more love you put in it, the more meaning it has.

What are common phrases in the hawaiian language?

Aloha au ia'oe meaning I love you Nau ko'u aloha meaning You are my love Malu lani meaning Heavenly Peace Me ke aloha meaning With My love Brah meaning a term of endearment. Keiki meaning child Shaka meaning I see you, Hi, We are cool! Wiki wiki meaning Hurry Up, Quickly Why give the most common phrases without their meanings?

What is Etymological meaning of Philosophy?

Philosophy is derived etymologycally from the Greek words philo(love) and Sophia(wisdom). This gives its root meaning to be the love of wisdom. Philosophy as the love of widom implies it to be the search for foundational truths, it tries to give rational beings reasons for all their beliefs. We can say the task of philosophy is the search for wisdom, and no doubt Wisdom rules the world...

What is the definition of curriculum management?

love is its meaning love is its meaning

What does it mean when you have love for someone?

Love means trust someone you like. it means to swear your God about your feeling and action. total unselfishness and honest. Totally free from "what if..." idea. and no expectation from your love. love is not give and take game. love is only giving. give and give. in return, love will return to you with same way. that's what love means although most people confuse the meaning of love. this is not the true love if you want to have some return. L

Can you give me essay on Give love Get love?

when you give love you will get love..bcoz the person you would love wiil feel that you love him/her so he/she would love you back.

What is the meaning of give in?

The meaning of 'give in ' is surrender or submit.

750 words for give love and get love?

"I LOVE YOU" are the 750 words for give love and get love

What is the meaning of the words in Tesla's What you give?

Love is born in the Heart, Grows in the heart and can only be given, never taken.

Ne vois rien mais L'amour could you please give the meaning for this one?

Not seeing anything but love.

Essay about Give Love and Get Love?

All you have to do is give love to someone and you will get love back.

What is give love get love?

That is a saying. If you give love to someone, you are sure to get love back.

What is the meaning of the words tu amor?

it means 'your love' ..literally. tu- meaning you or your amor- meaning love

What is the meaning of love forever?

the meaning for love forever is to stay with the person you love forever if not then it was never meant to be

What is the word for french love?

The French noun meaning love is amour. The verb meaning "to love" is aimer.

Hey do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love. William Shakespeare...meaning?

that love does have bad a good sides. but when the hard part comes in love don't let your love fade away hold on to love. don't give up when the hard part comes coues then you did that all for nothing. :-]

A paragraph on give love get love?

This a paragraph on give love get love you love may come from the heart or mind to a person. your lover shows you no love give love to you love you woder why should i give will i still get, a romantic meal a popcorn for two show you feelings.

What is da meaning of LOVE?

When you have an enormous passion for a person(example: would give up your life for them or sacrifice your life to save them)

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