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the medical conditions are bits of your pajyna

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Q: What is the Medical conditions of the respiratory system?
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What are the two medical specialist for the respiratory system?

Pulmonologists treat the lower respiratory system, and otolargyngologists treat the upper respiratory system.

What conduit seves the respiratory and digestive system?

medical directory

What is the medical condition that causes dyspnoea?

There are different medical conditions where dyspnea presents usually of the respiratory in nature like that off pneumonia, asthma, diseases that cause respiratory distress.

Disorders of the respiratory system?

The respiratory system has two parts, the upper and the lower. Common conditions of the upper respiratory system include, hay fever and rhinitis. Lower respiratory ailments include asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, and tuberculosis.

What are two facts about the respiratory system?

Two facts about the respiratory system include:it must work with both the nervous system and muscular systemillness, conditions, or injury to the muscles of respiration or the brain can interfere with the respiratory system's normal functioning

What is a respiratory home care port system?

Respiratory home care port system is a system that provides in-home patient care services such as home health and home medical equipment.

What kind of doctor is a pulmonary?

a pulmonologist is a physician who deals specifically with the health of the respiratory system, generally concerned with the medical treatment of conditions involving the tracheobronchial tree from below the level of the vocal chords.

Why is the circulatory system connected to the respiratory system?

In non-medical, easy to understand terms....because this is where oxygen is added to blood.

How is the work of the respiratory system related to the respiratory system?

The answer is in the question BOTH are the respiratory system.

Can you eat after taking castor oil?

yeah its considered good for the respiratory system by medical professionals

What system does the respiratory system belong to?

The answer is your question - the "respiratory system" is a "system".

Where is the respiratory system?

our respiratory system is in our body

Do hookworms have a respiratory system?

no, they do not have a respiratory system

Which one of the following conditions is least likely to occur if the cilia in your respiratory system are damaged?

Multiple sclerosis

What medical conditions impair breathing?

muscular dystrophies motor neuron disease, including ALS damage to the brain's respiratory centers

Is cycling good for your respiratory system how?

cycling it is good for the respiratory system cycling it is good for the respiratory system

What is a monkey respiratory system?

the respiratory system in a monk3y

Does red algae have a respiratory system?

no respiratory system

What does the respiratory system do for the body?

how does the respiratory system work

What do lungs go in to circulatory system or respiratory system?

respiratory system

How does the endocrine system work with the respiratory system?

the endocrine system works with the respiratory system by making changes to your body for example when the parts in your respiratory system grow that is the growth hormones from your endocrine system working with your respiratory system.

Is your respiratory system an organ?

no, but the different parts of your respiratory system are such as your lungs being organs and part of your respiratory system.

How does the digestive system respiratory respiratory system urinary system and reproductive system linked?

its not

What is the medical field that studies the conditions of the skeletal system?

Pathologist, as well as an anatomist.

What medical conditions affect the muscular system?

Motor neuron disease, MS