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What is the Mexican presidential term?

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The presidential term is 4 years.

2012. The last election was in 2006 and the current president will serve only one 6 year term.

In the US a Presidential term is 4 years.

Yes it is. Mexico is a Federal Presidential Representative Republic, officially named Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States) which is based on a presidential system set up by the Mexican 1917 Constitution.

There were no Presidential term limits in TR's time.

The presidential term lasts four years in Colombia.

The next presidential term will start on 17 January 2017.

Mexican Central Plateau or Mexican Altiplano.

The term begins immediately after the President is sworn in at noon on January 20 of years that follow the presidential election in November.It is true that the presidential term begins at noon, on January 20, following the previous presidential election.

a presidential term is 4 years.

Us Presidents have a term of 4 years.

the presidental term limit is 4 years

The term Hispanic is often in use.

Guadalupe Victoria (term: 1824 - 1829)

The presidential term in Honduras is 4 years.

Since the Referendum in 2000, a Presidential term is 5 years, and no-one can serve more than two terms as President of France.

jícama or Mexican turnip (gabi ng Mehiko) or Mexican potato

The presidential term limits took effect in 1951. The Twenty-second Amendment set down the limit of two terms for the President.

The current term is five years. It used to be seven years.

4 yearsDepends on the president's stay in the term office

The presidential term will not begin until January 20, 2009.

Never- the term is still four-years.

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