What is the Micmac word for rose?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the Micmac word for rose?
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What is the word for dog in micmac?

Paqtism < wolf>

What does Caribou mean in Indian?

Reindeer ------------------------ The word caribou comes from a Micmac Indian word for "snowshoveler."

What is the word origin of caribou?

the micmac word kaleboo meaning pawer or scratcher from its foraging by kicking snow aside

What country did the word toboggaining come from?

A Canadian/French word Tabagane was adopted from the Canadian Micmac tribe who used the word Tobakun

What is the Micmac's everyday life?

Micmac means a member of an American Indian people or the Algonquian language of the Micmac.

Where does the word caribou come from?

It comes from the Micmac language - Kaleboo, meaning pawer or scratcher

What country does the word toboggan came from?

The original word comes from the Micmac language as 'tobakun' subsequently adopted into Canadian French as 'tabagane'.

Who is the micmac god?

The 'Micmac' god is the Creator. We are Christian peoples, but tie into our traditional beliefs. The Creator is just another word for what Catholic or Christian people call God, they are equal just explained differently if that makes sense.

What is another name or word for rose?

another word for rose is flower specices or rose

What is the greek word for rose?

the Greek word for rose is rodo or triantafyllo

What is the Samoan word for rose?

Rose = Rosa

What is the spanish word for rose?

rose = rosa