What is the NCAA Division 1 career record for rushing yards by a quarterback?

Pat White , West Virginia Mountaineers, Passed Brad Smith and holds the record. The record is held by Antwaan Randle El from Iniana University. As of the start of the 2007 season, the career record for rushing yards by a quarterback is held by Brad Smith of the University of Missouri who rushed for 4,289 yards between 2002-2005. Randle El rushed for 3,895 yards during his career at the University of Indiana between 1999-2002. Brad Smith, Missouri Tigers, 2002-2005. 4,289 yards #16 Brad Smith from the University of Missouri finished his collegiate career with 4289 rushing yards as a quarterback as he held 69 different Mizzou, Big 12 and NCAA game, season and career records. He played 2002-'05.