What is the Nobel Prize money?

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= 10 000.000 Swedish kronor = 1, 672.16 U.S. dollars =

about 1-2 million

Not to say a lifetime supple of Swiss cheese and Hershey 's chocolate

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Q: What is the Nobel Prize money?
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The Nobel Prize money comes from where?

The Nobel Prize money comes from Alfred Nobel's own investment money. He invested money and by the time he died there was loads of money so that money is the prize money.

Nobel prize money in rupees?


How much was the prize money when Albert Einstein received the Nobel prize?


How much is the Nobel Peace Prize worth in 2010?

The Nobel Prize is worth $1.4 million dollars in America money.

Is Nobel Prize a trophy or medal?

money and medal

How much money does the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Money?

One million

Can an us president keep the Nobel Peace Prize money?


Why was Nobel Prize introduced?

Alfred Nobel got rich for his invention of explosives. He set up a trust to provide money from investments to pay out to the prize winners. So it was Nobel's generosity that started the prize-giving.

How much money did Einstein win for his Nobel Prize?

He did not win any of the money. He made a deal with his first wife with her giving him a divorce he would give her all of his winnings for his nobel prize.

How much money does Obama get for Nobel Peace Prize?

1.4 million

What did Mother Teresa do with Nobel Prize money?

She built a leper colony.

Who in India has won a Nobel prize?

Many Indians won the nobel prize they are Rabindranath Tagore(Nobel Prize for Literature),Chandrashekar Venkata Raman(Nobel Prize in Physics),Hargobind Khorana(The Nobel Prize for Medicine),Mother Teresa(The Nobel Peace Prize),Subramanian Chandrashekar(The Nobel Prize for Physics),Amartya Sen(Nobel Prize for Economics) and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath

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