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there is no normal weight, is based off your height and gender and build, not just age

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A 20-year old what ?? beach ball ??

20-25lbs i have a boy an he is a year old

For an 18-20 year old girl the average weight is 125 - 130 lbs.

what is the normal pulse for a 20 year old adult

Yes. If your BMI is between 20 and 25, you are normal weight.

average weight for 20 year old petite woman

6 stone for a British girl and 20 for an American girl!

The normal cholesterol level for a 20 year old varies. For some people its a little higher or lower. But the normal is 200. It also depends on gender.

Its about 1500 to maintain body weight and about 1200 to lose fat.

Yes, there are several 20-30 year olds weighing from 7-9 stone. That's normal for them, not for you.

its about 17 to 20 lbsFrom 10 to 15,17

Oh yes this is extremely normal. When a girl reaches puberty, she may actually gain up to 10-20 lbs!

If the man goes on a well timed and well organised diet, he would be able get down to a normal weight, also as the question is "How can a 20-year old man lose weight on his buttocks?" then he may have to do a daily exercise like sit ups and press ups, and hopefully this will take the weight down on his buttocks!

Hairy testicles is not normal for a 20 year old girl. If you are questioning your anatomy, your best bet would be to see a doctor.

The average weight for a 20 year old woman would depend greatly on her height. If you are concerned about your weight, consult your physician, as he or she will be qualified to give you more information on what is an appropriate for your body.

100 cm height 20 kg weight

According to BMI charts, up to 150 pounds is considered in the normal weight range for women. It really depends on if you have a muscular build or are "big boned." Activity level is important no matter what the weight, so keep on moving!

Normal respirations for a healthy 5 year old should be between 20 and 30 per minute

The normal, healthy weight for a man who is that height is between 132 pounds and 167 pounds. Obesity is considered at or above 209 pounds for this height.

Yes, 150 pounds is considered to be an average weight for a 5 ft 11 in 20 year old male. In fact, the weight range for these measurements is between 136.9 lbs and 193.6 lbs.

It depends on height, not age.

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