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Check with the US Census Bureau. The link is below. The census data will show a definition for what a household is and how many were observed in St Louis. You also can see the trend line for changes over the years.

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What is the distance from St. Louis IL to St. Louis MO?

St Louis Il is across the river from St Louis MO

Where can you rent an apartment in St. Louis mo with bad credit?

St; louis mo 63108

Which time zone is St. Louis MO?

St Louis MO is in Central Time Zone

Where is Answers com in St. Louis MO?

The Answers office in St. Louis is located at 6665 Delmar, Suite 3000 St. Louis, MO 63130.

Are there any home repair grants in St. louis, MO?

any home repair grants in St. Louis MO?

What is the number for usbank 1005 convention plaza St. Louis mo?


St. Louis MO to Springfield MO?

Just take I-44 WEST.

What would take longer to travel from St. Louis Mo to Milwaukee Wi or St. Louis Mo to Miami Fl?

St. Louis to Miami is much longer.

What is the travel distance from St Louis MO to Sedalia MO in time and miles?

It is right at 200 miles from St. Louis to Sedalia.

What is the halfway mark from St. Louis Mo to Milwaukee WI?

what is the half way mark from Milwaukee, wi to st Louis mo

What is the farthest place in the world from St. Louis mo?

st. louis, mo. You have yo go all the way aroung the world to get there.

What is the distance between Orlando FL and St. Louis MO?

There are about 991 miles between Orlando, FL and St. Louis, MO.

Flight time from St. Louis mo to st thomas?

flight time from st. Louis to st. thomas

Where did Nelly com from?

St. Louis MO

Where is the band LUDO from?

St. louis, MO

What is the distance between Hamilton Ontario and St. Louis MO?

Hamilton, Ontario and St. Louis, MO are about 719 miles apart by car.

Whats the driving distance between St. Louis mo and warrensburg mo?

in miles how far is st. louis,missouri from warrensburg,missouri?

What is the distance between St. Louis mo and south point oh?

what is the distance between St. Louis Mo. and South Point OH?

What is the distance from rockford il to St. Louis mo?

It's just under 300 miles from Rockford IL to St. Louis, MO

When is the next starving artist show in St. Louis mo 2013?

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What city is approximately 250 miles west of St. Louis MO?

Consider Kansas City, MO which is 248 miles from St Louis MO according to Google Maps.

How far is hermann mo from St. Louis mo?

About 100 miles

What is Driving distance st Louis mo to Hannibal mo?

117 miles

How deep is the frost line in St Louis MO?

The frost line in St. Louis is 30 inches.

Is St. Louis southwest of Chicago?

Yes, St. Louis, MO is southwest of Chicago, IL.

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