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The opposite of oligopoly (where there are few sellers in a market), is a market in which there are only a few large buyers for a product or service. This is called a Oligopsony and usually allows the buyers to exert a great deal of control over the sellers, often resulting in the depression of prices.

Examples would be world commodity markets in agricultural crops such as coffee were a few international intermediaries are able to trade the multitude of producers off against one another in order to extract cheap resources.

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What is The opposite market structure of a monopoly is?


What are the Advantages of oligopoly?

what are the advantages of oligopoly? what are the advantages of oligopoly?

What are the types of oligopoly?

Oligopoly is a market from where large numbers of buyers contact few sellers for the purpose of buying and selling things. The different types are a pure oligopoly, a differentiated oligopoly, a collusive oligopoly, and a non-collusive oligopoly.

Is sainsbury's monopoly or oligopoly?


Is asda a monopoly or oligopoly?


Distinguish between perfect oligopoly and imperfect oligopoly?

the difference between perfect and imperfect oligopoly

What is meant by oligopoly market structure?

An oligopoly is an intermediate market structure between the extremes of perfect competition and monopoly. Oligopoly firms might compete (noncooperative oligopoly) or cooperate (cooperative oligopoly) in the Marketplace.

Is comcast a monopoly or oligopoly market structure?


What is the price elasticity in a oligopoly?

in oligopoly what is the nature of price elasticity

What are two characteristics of oligopoly?

the market for a commodity is dominated by a few firms each of which producing a considerable proportion of the total output of the industry. Oligopoly is of two types: Pure oligopoly and differentiated oligopoly. If the product of the various firms is homogeneous, we call it pure oligopoly. Examples of pure oligopoly are found in such industries as sugar

Entry barriers to an Oligopoly?

Tel me also advantages and disadvantages of Oligopoly?

What is a non collusive model of oligopoly?

what is non collusive model of oligopoly

What is Pure Oligopoly?

a pure oligopoly is when few producers dominate the production of on item

Is a gas station a oligopoly or a Monopolistic competition?

I will probably say its more of oligopoly.

Can you use oligopoly in a sentence?

Oligopoly is a market with small number of buyers and sellers.

Is Airlines an example of Pure competition Monopoly Monopolistic competition or Oligopoly?


Price wars are prima facie evidence of what economic market?


How is oligopoly like monopoly and how is it different?

why the car market is dominated in European union by oligopoly

What is market structure in the media industry?

Oligopoly :)

What is the difference bet pure oligopoly and oligopoly?

In a pure oligopoly the products that are sold are homogeneous (the same e.g. gold, steel etc). While in a impure oligopoly the product that are sold are heterogeneous (different, think tablets, smart phones etc.).

What is oligopoly competition?

Oligopoly competition means there are few sellers. They sell homogeneous products in the market for getting maximum profits. The mr=mc in the case of oligopoly competition.

Give a comparison of collusive and non collusive oligopoly?

If in an oligopoly market, the firms compete with each other, it is called a non-collusive, or non-cooperative oligopoly. If the firm cooperate with each other in determining price or output or both, it is called collusive oligopoly, or cooperative oligopoly. Collusive oligopoly exists when the firms in an Oligopolistic market charge the same prices for their products, in affect acting as a monopoly but dividing any profits that they make. Non collusive oligopoly exists when the firms in an oligopoly do not collude and so have to be very aware of the reactions of other firms when making price decisions.

Is Celcom an oligopoly?

No, it is not.

Is Unilever an oligopoly?


What are characteristics of oligopoly?

An oligopoly is characterized by a market with a few firms having a negligible effect on price.