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The exact origin of the phrase is unclear, but the meaning is very clear indeed:

A pot of water is going to boil in exactly the same length of time whether or not you watch it, but if you are so impatient that you need to keep watching in the hope it will boil more quickly it will seem to take forever to come to boiling point.

The phrase, "A watched pot never boils" contains a warning against giving in to impatience; it'll do you no good at all and will only serve to make you and those around you uncomfortable.

Of course, if you occupy yourself with something else while waiting for the pot to boil, it will be boiling away like mad before you know it.

You see a good example of this kind of impatience every day in the elevator lobby of any building: there's always someone who'll come along, see the button lit up to indicate the elevator's already been called, but still has to hit the lit-up button again. Sometimes they'll stare at the button and hit it several times, as if they can somehow make the elevator arrive more quickly.

Once in the elevator, even if someone else has already pressed the button for their floor, they still have to press it again!

None of this makes the elevator arrive faster, or get to its floors more quickly: it just makes the impatient one more irritable and leaves many observers feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

I wonder whether the button-thumpers and those in their vicinity would all have a happier day if they spent the time in the lift lobby saying good morning to one another?
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Who said a watched pot never boils?

A watched pot never boils does not have an express origin. It iscalled an idiom. It means something else besides what it implies.

When boiling water does the size of the pot make a difference?

The smallest pot you use will boil it the fastest.. Not true my 15 yr old and myself just boiled 3 pots of water using small med and large pots and the largest pot boiled first the medium pot boiled second and the smallest pot boiled last.

Which will cool faster white pot or black pot of boiling water?

the white pan because black gathers heat. the white pan because black gathers heat. Oddly, both wrong. The black one will cool slightly quicker as black is a better radiator of infrared. Better collectors are also better emitters. The reason it won't make much difference is that both colours are s ( Full Answer )

Can you eat boiled eggs left out overnight in pot?

Food safety people will not recommend eating an egg that's been left out overnight. Boiled eggs are considered potentially hazardous and should be kept refrigerated until consumed..

How do you clean a pot that water boiled out of?

When water evaporates it leaves a white residue that can sometimes be removed by soaking the pot in white vinegar. The vinegar removes water residue on lots of things.

Were did clay pot originate from?

There is no single place of origin for clay pots. The earliest pottery is found in Japan and is known as Jōmon Pottery. However, to say it originated here is inaccurate. In fact, pottery was invented in many different places, at many different times independently.

Why cant you boil fruit in a copper pot?

because the pot is copper the rust on it can get absorbed by the fruit which then makes it bad to eat\n. \nand you could get samonela or food poisening

What is the origin of pot stickers?

The exact origins of potstickers are lost to history. However, according to a charming legend, they were invented by a chef in China's Imperial Court, who accidentally burnt a batch of dumplings after leaving them on the stove for too long. The overcooked dumplings were burnt on the bottom only, and ( Full Answer )

Where did Chicken Pot Pie originate?

The Chicken pot pie gets its ancestry from the Greeks and Romans. Where the Greeks cooked meats in open pastry shells called artrocreas however its was the Romans who added to top crust making the first pot pies.

A kettle that is watched never boil?

If all you do is watch it, it will never boil. . A kettle with no water in it will never boil. . The kettle actually won't boil, just the water that is in it. . The kettle may seem as if it never boils while you are watching it because the process is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

What will happen to the temperature of a pot of boiling water as the water evaporates?

As water evaporates from the boiling pot,its temperature drops.This results from the fact that water molecules during evaporation extract its latent heat of vapourization from the pot, thereby exerting a cooling effect on it and its content.Regulation of body temperature by sweating is based on this ( Full Answer )

How a pot of water boils?

You should heat water up to 100 Celsius degrees and the water will start to seethe.

Why does a metal spoon get hot in a pot of boiling water?

The spoon gets hot because metals are good conductors . Meaning that heat, cold, electricity move through them, certain metals are better than others. Even a wood spoon will conduct if it is soaked in water, of course in this case the water is the conductor.

Why there is more heat in an iceburg than a pot of boiling water?

"Heat" doesn't refer to the temperature, but to the amount of thermal energy - for two substances of the same type, that would basically be the temperature multiplied by the mass. (For a more detailed analysis, you would also have to consider latent heat for phase changes, and an object's specific h ( Full Answer )

What does a watched kettle or pot never do?

Boil, or so it seems. ............................................................................................................. Yes, that's true. As a saying it means time passes more slowly if you just passively wait for something to happen. If you are active and involved, time will fly.

When you boil a lobster do you boil the water first then put the lobster in the pot or put the lobster in the pot while the water boils?

You can boil the lobster in 2 ways. 1. if you don't want it to turn out too soft you would boil the water first then put in the lobster. That allows the lobster to cook quicker and it turns out slightly crunchy. 2. If you want the lobster to turn out soft and tender you have to put the lobster ion w ( Full Answer )

Which has more heat an iceberg of a pot of boiling water?

the iceberg has more heat because heat is a different concept than temperature(sorry, i don't know how to explain this ) i think that for find the heat you can multiplate the mass by the temperature

What holds food above boiling water in a pot or a pan?

The best tool for this is a folding steamer basket. You set it inside a pot and then open it until the "petals" rest against the sides of the pot. Fill the pot with water just until you see the water begin to come up through the holes in the bottom of the basket. You can also use a colander th ( Full Answer )

Can you boil a pot roast?

Yes you can; or at least, you can simmer a pot roast. If you actually boiled it, you'd end up with something inedible. Don't cover the roast in water, only about half way. Simmer for about 45 minutes, add onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and simmer for about another hour. Great one pot meal!

What is a different way to say a watched pot never boils?

"Time doesn't go quickly when you are bored." More accurately, if you are anxious for some event to occur or some process to complete, continuously monitoring it for progress will do nothing to hasten that progress.

Do crock pots boil food?

Far from it - crock pots slowly heat the food over an extended time. The food never comes to the boil, which is why all fat should be removed prior to inserting in the pot.

Will a little pot or big pot boil first?

The deeper the water the longer it will take to boil. So if you put a small amount in a big pan it will boil much faster than a small amount in a small pan.

What type of metal pot is best for boiling water?

Copper transfers the greatest percentage of heat to the contents of the pot (water). As for the shape of the pot ..... lower and about 1" wider on all sides than the heat source.as wide as the heat source.

Will water boil faster in a small or large pot?

water will boil faster in a large pot because the water has more contact with the bottom of the pot than the small pot. That means the water reaches the stove's heat more and will boil faster. For the small pot, the water won't be as close to the stove's heat which is closer to the bottom of the pot ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare boiled raw peanuts in a crock pot?

Rinse your peanuts in cold water, then discard. Place peanuts incrock pot, about 2 pounds still in the shell. 15 cups warm water,3/4 to 1 cup of salt, and 1 tbsp of vegetable oil. Cook on high for20 hours. Check about half way through cook time and see if youneed to add water.

What does it mean when you say a watched pot never boils?

It means that your perception of things tends to pass faster whenyou're not so focused on them. If you devote all your attention tothe heating pot, watching it to the point of ignoring other things,it will seem like time's passing more slowly because you're doingnothing but staring at the pot and yo ( Full Answer )