What is the Outer covering of a flamingo?

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What is the outer membrane which covers the lungs?

pleura but their are different types of pleura but im not sure if there's more than one. _____ Yes, there are more than one type of pleura. Immediately surrounding the lobes of the lungs is visceral pleura. There is also a layer of parietal pleura that surrounds both the lungs and their viscer ( Full Answer )

What is the outer covering of toads?

I disceted a tode and its like this creepy green skin that you peel off. It peels of when you use the scapel and be careful not to rip up the muscle if you want to see the skin up close. It looks like fish food. Bumpy, rough brown skin.

What is the outer covering of a bee?

It is usually refered to as an exoskeleton but can also be called a carapace (\most often reserved for crabs and lobsters).

What is the outer covering of a animal cell?

The outer covering of an animal cell is called the plasma membrane.This structure regulates the transportation of molecules, such asnutrients, in and out of the cell.

What is a Starfish's outer body covering?

Starfish have exoskeletons that are made of calcium carbonate. Theyare named after their shape, and usually have 5 arms, but can havemore.

Do mackerel have scale outer covering?

The mackerel fish does have scales as an outer covering. Themackerel is a fish that can be eaten without removing the scales,though. The scales are so small, it does not cause a problem foreating.

Dolphins outer covering?

The core of a dolphinâ??s body is well insulated by a thick layerof blubber. The blubber is actually the modified 3rd layer or"hypodermis" of a dolphinâ??s skin.

The outer covering of a plant?

Epidermis . The outermost layer of cells covering the leaves and young parts of a plant.

What is the outer covering of a newt?

A newt is an amphibious creature that is in the salamander family.The skin of a newt is semi-permeable and glandular. This means thatwater and air are able to pass through the animal's skin, althoughthe skin is not smooth but can be rough.

Outer covering of jawless fish?

Jawless fish do not have scales, so their skin is naked. They also do not have jaws or paired appendages. They do, however, have a cartilaginous skeleton and a dorsal nerve cord that leads to a distinct brain.

When organisms shed outer covering?

Many many many animals do Snakes are an obvious one, because they leave behind their old skin. Humans do too, but not in large pieces, but tiny flakes of dead skin

What is an arowana's outer covering?

The outer covering of an Arowana are scales. They have a largeamount of scales and some thin skin on their fins that fit thelength of their long bodies.

What outer covering does a deer have?

The outer covering or skin of a deer is often called a hide. Thehide protects the deer from bugs as well as other elements ofnature.

What outer covering does a spider have?

According to biologists, spiders have exoskeletons for which theyshed (molt) as they grow older. The spiderâ??s outer body consistsof mostly hairs, spines and humps.

What is a whale outer covering?

Outer covering of whale is called skin like other mammals , but it underlined by thick layer of fat called blubber

What is a shell outer covering for?

The outer shell on animals is called an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton is there because these animals do not have a spine like humans do, so they must have the shell to protect them from harm.

How do emus' outer covering help them?

Emus have an outer covering of wispy feathers. The nature and structure of emu feathers provides insulation for them during the heat of the day. Emus have two feathers extending from a single, narrow quill, allowing for airflow underneath.

What is the outer covering of a grasshopper called?

The exoskeleton is what the outer covering of a grasshopper is called. Having a skeleton on the outside, not the inside, of the body serves as one of the characteristics which make a grasshopper an insect.

Which is the outer covering of seed?

which ? But you never let us choose . So it should be what. If it is what , my answer would be husk , shell or pod.

What is the outer covering of the vacuole?

Vacuoles, organelles that are present in all plant and fungal cells as well as those of other organisms (animal, bacterium, protist), are closed compartments containing molecules enclosed by water. This organelle therefore serves many functions. The primordial utricle and the tonoplast are examples ( Full Answer )

What is the function of the bones outer covering?

Nerves and blood vessles are essential in maintaining healthy bone structure. Since the bone is actually vibrant living tissue, the outer membrance is vital in the protection of the inter-networking of key vessles, much like the way that the ribcage protects the lungs

Why do seeds have a outer covering as husk?

The outer covering of a seed better known as seed coat (husk) provides protection to the seed interior containing endosperm, embryo and the cotyledons. It develops from the integuments of the ovule. Various types of lignified ornamentation and deposits in the cells of seed coat help the botanists to ( Full Answer )

What is the outer covering of a housefly?

Flys are insects and therefore invertebrates (they have no backbone to hold them together like we do!). As with many other invertebrates, flys are covered by an exoskeleton, like a shell.Cabs and lobsters are also invertebrates, their shells (exoskeletons) are very obvious when you have to crack the ( Full Answer )

What are insects outer coverings?

Don't. They are almost always beneficial. There is a chance that they aren't, in which case a spider will likely move in and do the work for you.

What outer covering does shark have?

Sharks are covered in skin. Sharks have a covering of dermal denticles that protects their skin from damage and parasites in addition to improving their fluid dynamics.

What is the hard outer covering of an arthropod?

The proper name for the outer covering is the exoskeleton. It ismade of a tough protein called chitin, a molecule simlar tocellulose; in some ways like the hard protein keratin in hair,fingernails, hooves, beaks, claws, etc. Since it is inflexible,arthropods can't grow in size and have to adopt a st ( Full Answer )

What is the outer covering of arthropod?

The outer covering of an arthropod is called its carapace. It is the arthropod's skeleton, which it wears on the outside, rather than on the inside like we do.