What is the Plot summary of the praying man?

the praying man

the 1st scene happened to be in the inaguration of a new cemented road in the land of sulucan..
this involves the president of the philippines, other government personalities and cris..he is the chief of drug and medicine and one of the important guests in the event..the place was very crowded and the president arrived 1 hour late than the respective time..the guests were getting impatient because of the heat of the noonday sun..when the inaguration ended,cris was invited by the president for lunch at the premises..

while eating, he looked around his surroundings and realized that most of the things in that place were changed as time rolls by..then a thought came into his mind..he remembered his childhood in sulucan..he remembered all the things that happened to their family..his mother had a cancer and they find it hard to earn money to provide medicines for the cure of the illness..as a little son, he helped his family by selling popsicles in the store together with kosca..a childhood friend of him..during that times,there had a famous family known as the monteverde family who had a big house and used to sell charcoals and fresh fruits coming from their rich bearing trees..they also offer shower bath for everybody..cris and kosca decided to go there for a bath then they realized that they are at the enough age for circumsition and after that,they had theirselves circumsized by an ex-boxer named awil.. and fortunately,they had a succesfull circumsition...after that thought..he's back to reality and the present day..

after few days..cris' brother named ulo came to his office and ask for money...unlike cris,ulo wasn't succesfull in life..he is still a poor man he has a thin body with ragged clothes then a paroxysm of coughing shook his poor body..ulo warned cris that his days of power are numbered..and the sky will fall on him soon..he also said that cris' empire has built on fake drugs and bribery are crumbling all around and all the trusted peolple are turning their backs against him..cris ignored the words of his brother and called it nonsense..

cris has two trusted secretaries and they are mila and naldo..mila,his private secretary and the daughter of medio who owns the monteverde compound that offers showers on his childhood..naldo was the only one who knows all the things that cris was doing..then it was revealed that cris had a group who takes charge in making different kinds of medicine..
antero briones was in charged in the plant and branches, carlos pandes was the chief chemist in charge of production,generoso pan was in charge of distribution and shipping and was the oldest in the group,perfecto barin was in charge for finance..this group always have their private conference concerning in the production of medicines..they produce fake medicines and sells them at high prices..as the president,cris needs to go to other countries for appointments..naldo was the one who takes charge on the unfinished tasks of cris..but naldo became envious and he thought that he is more deserving on the progress of cris..his envy became serious and he planned to reveal cris' hidden agenda..

cris continued to trust naldo not knowing about the plans that would be the end of his success..but there came a time that cris was infoxrmed about naldo's plans..cris went to different countries to get far away from naldo..