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The plural form of the noun 'dynamo' is dynamos.

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Q: What is the Plural for dynamo?
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What is the plural of dynamo?


Types of dynamo?

hub dynamo, bottle dynamo, bottom-bracket dynamo

How is the structure of dynamo?

What does dynamo consists of ?

Who was the inventor of dynamo?

who was the inventor of the dynamo?

Definition of dynamo?

A dynamo is an electrical generator.

How do you build a dynamo?

How tall is Dynamo?

Dynamo is 5' 9".

Difference between ac dynamo and dc dynamo?

1. AC Dynamo has full rings whereas DC Dynamo has split rings. 2. AC Dynamo produces alternating current whereas DC Dynamo produces direct current. 3. IN AC DYNAMO, CURRENT KEEPS CHANGING EVERY HALF OF A CYCLE WHEREAS IN DC DYNAMO, CURRENT FLOWS IN SAME DIRECTION.

Who invented dynamo?

Miachael Faraday , who is the father of electricity found dynamo. Dynamo is a device to produce electricity.

What is dynamo in electricity?

A dynamo generates DC electricity

What is Faraday dynamo?

its the name of the guy that invented the dynamo

What is the source of energy in a dynamo?

Whatever makes the dynamo move.

When was Houston Dynamo created?

Houston Dynamo was created in 2005.

What is Dynamo Games's population?

The population of Dynamo Games is 12.

When was Dynamo Sports created?

Dynamo Sports was created in 2009.

What energy is produced by a dynamo?

Electrical. A dynamo is a type of generator.

Who invented the dynamo torch?

The dynamo torch was invented by Ming-Chih Wei. The dynamo torch is a flashlight that stores energy in a flywheel.

What is the function of dynamo in diesel generator?

The diesel generator gives the rotary motion to the dynamo and the dynamo converts this motion in to the electric motion.

What does a does a dynamo looklike?

The picture above is a dynamo- a large electrical generator.

Do I need to buy a Dynamo label printer in order to use Dynamo address labels?

Yes, you do need to buy a dynamo address labeler in order to use the dynamo address labels. They sell them on

How do you make simple dynamo to glow a bulb?

By attaching a fan in the dynamo and rotating the fan and connecting one end of wire in the dynamo and another end in a bulb which helps in glowing of bulb by using the power of dynamo.

Can dynamo be used to produce elecricity?

Can a dynamo be used without producing electricity??

What year did Michael Faraday invent the dynamo?

he invented the electric dynamo in 1831

How does a dynamo produce electricty?

A dynamo converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.

When was FC Dynamo Kostroma created?

FC Dynamo Kostroma was created in 1926.