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Catch all 202 Pokemon in your Pokedex, then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer. No, that's how you get it. From what I've heard, it's simply a reward for the player for completing your Pokedex. Catch 200 Pokemon and talk to the Game Designer. All it is is it shows you a certificate. I thought it was something good but it wasn't. Depending on which game you have, catch all the Pokemon in it and see the Game Designer or (in later versions) the Professor.

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2007-03-24 03:33:48
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Q: What is the Pokemon Diploma?
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What do you get if you catch every Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

You get the Pokedex Diploma. You get the Pokemon Diploma, a new star and colour on your Trainer Card and the satisfaction of capturing every Pokemon in the game.

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

If you manage to catch all 151 Pokemon, you have to go to the Pokemon game designer team in celadon city. there you can get yourself the Pokemon diploma. Basically, the pokemon diploma has no use in the game at all.

Pokemon ruby what you get after seeing all the Pokemon?

You get the diploma from catching all Pokemon from Nationaldex and Hoenndex.

What is diploma in Pokemon Yellow?

The Pokemon yellow diploma is a certificate for catching all150 Pokemon.(mew is optional.) Go and talk to the game designer in the Celadon Mansion. It's basically a certificate congratulating you on completing your pokedx.

What do you get when you catch all the Pokemon?

You get a Pokemon Diploma. I know, whoopee. To be honest, I think you should get a Master Ball for catching all 400+ Pokemon instead of getting some crummy Diploma. After all, catching all 400+ Pokemon is nearing the impossible these days.

What happens if you find all unknown in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you get a diploma

When do you know your done with the game Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have all the pokemon, got the diploma, got all the stickers.

How many people have a diploma on Pokemon Blue?

not many I'm afraid

What does the diploma do in Pokemon sapphire?

Ok to get the diploma go get all 200-202 Pokemon talk to the game designer in the lilycove hotel and he will give the diploma to u and from what ive heard its just a certifacit to prove u did get em all and like braging rites it might be more tho!!!!!!

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in ruby?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

What happens when you have all 150 Pokemon on blue?

You only get a diploma for catching them all.

What hapins if you get all 100 Pokemon on yellow version?

its actually 150 Pokemon and you get a diploma from a guy in celadon city that does nothing

How do you get a diploma in Pokemon FireRed?

catch all 150 original Pokemon i believe if not its you have to catch all of them from the hoen region too

What is a diplome Pokemon FireRed?

A diploma is something professor oak gives you when u catch all the Pokemon in fire red

How do you get diploma in Pokemon firered?

catch all 150 Pokemon and go to celedon city into big building and talk to producer

What do you get when national pokedex is filled on Pokemon fire red?

your trainer card gets upgraded one level and you get a shiny diploma. yay!! all that work for a diploma

What happens when you complete the National dex on Pokemon firered?

Pokemon 386 completeYou get a diploma from a gamefreak guy located in Celadon City.

What happens when you collect all 150 Pokemon in Pokemon blue game?

Professor Oak gives you a diploma...that's pretty much it.

How do you beat the Pokemon firered game?

Defeat the elite four, capture all the pokemon, receive the diploma, obtain all the stickers.

What is the certificate you get at graduation called?

A diploma.A diploma.A diploma.A diploma.A diploma.A diploma.

What happens after you catch all the Pokemon on firered?

you can get the Diploma from the guy in the Mansion in Celadon city.

What happens when you get all Pokémon in Pokémon Red?

If you get every Pokemon 1-151 you will get a diploma. All that does is say you got every Pokemon. Hope I Helped!

How do you make a great achievement in Pokemon firered?

Train every Pokemon to level 100, catch all the Pokemon, receive the diploma, collect all the stickers and defeat the trainer tower.

What do you have to do to the diplma on Pokemon FireRed?

To get the diploma you must get all 382 or more Pokemon. This is not a simple feat it requires a bunch of training, trading and breeding. Once you do have 382 or more go into the celadon mansion and go up to the floor where gamefreak is talk to the game designer to receive your diploma!

What does the guy from game freak on Pokemon sapphire give you?

The NPC that represents an actual developer from Game Freak the creators of Pokemon give the player a Diploma item. The Diploma is an in-game certificate congratulating the player for completing the Pokedex. In Pokemon Sapphire onwards you can receive two Diplomas, one for completing the Regional Pokedex and another for completing the National Pokedex.