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Q: What is the RCA remote code for a Orion TV?
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Code for rca tv remote number rca r55n7?

i need a code for wesington house tv on a rca remote r55n7

Code For HDTV Element TV With RCA Remote?

what are the codes for rca remote with element tv

What is the code for a super scan TV with a RCA RCR3273 remote?

What is the code for a rca universal remote for a super scan tv

What is the RCA L32hd41 remote codes for direct tv?

RCA has not released the remote code for that tv so no one has a code for it.

Rca remote codes what is the code for rca tv?

The shaper image jumbo universal remote

Remote code for precision tv?


How do you set closed captioning on a rca universal remote for a sharp tv 27j-s100?

I need to find out how to get closed caption on a orion tv with a rca universal remote can anyone help

What is code will work for a durabrand tv on a rca remote?


Code JVC TV for RCA Digital ATSC converter remote?

code for jvc tv from a rca converter box control

A remote code for a Emerson TV using a One for All remote?

What is the code for an Emerson Tv to RCA converter box?

How do you program an RCA universal remote without a program code?

how to program my tv with the RCA D 770 - universal remote control which has no code search button

What are the Sharp TV remote codes for a RCA universal remote?

The Sharp TV remote codes for a RCA universal remote are either 01 or 02. The exact code will sometimes depend upon the exact model of a person's TV.

How do you program an rca r3150?

whats the code for a zeith tv using a rca r3150 remote control

Does code for Precision TV work on RCA remote control?

i tried using the precision code 166 to program the tv bgut it didnt work. i used an RCA remote control and followed all the steps.

A Panasonic remote code for an Orion tv?

The codes listed for an Orion TV for my Panasonic Remote Control (N2QAYB000196) are 0179 / 0236 / 0463 / 1463. I hope one of them work for you.

Emerson jumbo universal remote codes for RCA TV?

Can't find the right code for my Emerson jumbo-older RCA TV

Want the code for a precision tv to a RCA universal remote control?


How do i program charter cable remote to work rca tv?

how do i program a charter remote to a rca tv

Is there a universal remote code for an aveis tv for a Philips cl032 uiversal remote?

I found an RCA universal remote that works, but it needs to be the long one that has 325 codes.The code is 12352. It does not work on the short stubby RCA remote. Hope this helps.

Rca remote code for polaroid pla-5048 tv?

005 worked for our polaroid tv

Rcr312w universal remote what is the code for Panasonic tv?

i need a code for my rca rcr312 and it did not come with the codes

RCA universal remote control codes for dynex?

code for program tv Dynex

How do you program rca remote to westinghouse tv?

i need to progra a rca system blink 4 remote to my westinghouse tv how do i do this

What is the code for RCA L40FHD41 television to be able to use cogeco cable remote control?

It is 2434.

What is the RCA HRMC-5 remote code for a tv apex?

Only code I could get to work was the Toshiba code: 015