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About 15,000 km.

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Q: What is the Range for the A380?
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How far can the new airbus A380 fly?

The maximum range of the A380 is 9,400 miles.

What planes are similar to the Airbus a380?

The Boeing 747-8 has a similar range and capacity, but the A380 leads in maximum passenger loads.

What is the reach on the A380?

If by "reach" you're referring to wingspan, the A380 wingspan is 261.5 feet. If by "reach" you're referring to range, the A380 can fly 8200 nautical miles with a full load of passengers.

What is the main use of Airbus A380- 800?

It is along range passenger aircraft.

How many people can fit on the Airbus A380?

The planned and announced configurations for the Airbus A380 range from 450 passengers, used by Qantas, to 840 passengers, used by Air Austral.

How much distance can an Airbus a380 travel without landing?

The A380-800 (the one flying now) has a design-range of 15,200 km (8,200 nautical miles or 9,400 miles).

What is the maximum range of the Airbus A380?

Airbus A380 maximum rangeA380-800: 15,700 km (8,500 nmi, 9,755 miles)A380F: 10,400 km (5,600 nmi, 6,400 miles)

What is a380 airbus flight range?

An A 380 can fly up to 8,500 miles. This is the same as 15,700 kms

How far can the airbus travel without refuelling?

The maximum range of the Airbus A380-800 is 9,400 miles.

What is an Airbus a380-300?

That model does not exist. The only model of the A380 is the A380-800.

Airbus a380 vs a300?

There is no comparison between a380 and a300 a380 is way bigger and better

What is the cruising time of an airbus a380?

The maximum range of an Airbus A380 is 9,400 miles. At a cruise speed of 560 mph, this would indicate a maximum cruise time of approx 16-hours, though this wouldn't allow for takeoff and landings.