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What is the Red Mass?

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Red Mass is a Catholic service in honor of the legal profession. The name comes from the Red gowns of the High Court Judges that attend. The observance began in England, France and Spain as early as the 13th Century. It is still observed in many Jesuit Law Schools. Many of the justices of the US Supreme Court attend the Red Mass in Washington DC.

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the mass of a red giant is 300 asses

A red giant is a star, at a particular phase of its development. It can be a star that has approximately the mass of our Sun (the Sun is expected to become a red giant eventually), or several times that mass.

The stars with the smallest mass are called red dwarves.

A red supergiant has about 10 -> 20 times more mass than the Sun. Betelgeuse for example has a mass of about 18 times than of our own Sun.

Color has no being on the mass of an object.

no, color is not a mass. Color appears from the kind of lights that reflect off of an object. If you have a red cup, that means all colors except red reflect off of it, thus making it red. Light is a vibration, what you see is really a frequency. Red colors vibrate differently to distinguish that they're red. So, no it is not a mass.

Red dwarfs range from about 0.5 to 0.075 solar masses.

A tangled mass of logs or timber clogged the Red River for miles during the early 1800s. The Red River is 2,189 kilometers long and is part of the Mississippi River.

Yes. The lowest mass stars are red dwarfs while many older stars turn into red giants and red supergiants.

Large mass starts are blue (when they are young) or Red (when they get old).

Their mass. If its mass is nearly like of sun it will become red giant. If its much bigger, it will become super giant

Most medium mass stars such as our Sun DO become red giants. Smaller stars do not have enough mass to initiate helium fusion when the hydrogen supply begins to run low, and do not become red giants.

The mass of a red giant star varies between 0.3 and 8 solar masses. The solar mass is approximately 2 X (10) to the power 30 kilograms. In other words is pretty heavy.

Not necessarily. A white dwarf is simply the remains of a low to medium mass star that has died. A red dwarf is a low mass star. Since red dwarfs last longer than medium mass stars, one could easily be older than a white dwarf.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 there were 5 Justices of the Supreme Court in attendance at the Red Mass before the start of the terms.

because the less mass=less density so it expands and then it turns red.

the color red is the assigned color for Mass of the Holy Spirit who is received at Confirmation

A star does not turn into a red dwarf. A red dwarf is simply a star that has a low mass to begin with.

It's a red dwarf, so its lower limit is around 0.008 solar mass.

A low mass star is one which starts off with the mass which is less than half that of the sun. It is red, orange or brown in colour.

The lowest mass stars are the red dwarfs, which have a mass of less that half that of our own sun, down to a mass of only 7.5% of our suns mass. So our sun is between 2 - 13 times more massive. Red dwarf temperatures and brightnesses are a lot lower, but they burn fuel much more slowly so have much longer lifetimes.

No - it does not have enough mass.

she is famous because she helped red cross

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