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There is no saint named Ashley.

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Q: What is the Saint Ashley the patron mean?
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Is Saint Adam a patron saint?

If you are referring to the Old Testament Adam, he is not called a saint nor is he a patron saint. If you mean St. Adam the hermit, he is not a patron saint.

Is there saint in Greenland?

If you mean 'Does Greenland have a patron saint?' the answer is no.

Who is the patron saint of manners?

I have checked and there is no particular saint charged with being the patron of manners. Or did you mean to write"mariners?"

Who is the patron saint of bears?

The Patron Saint Inex lists no patron saints of bears.

What is Saint Hope the patron saint of?

I believe you mean the Patron Saint of Hope, that is St. Jude, who is the saint for hopeless causes and desperation. Hope was martyred along with her sisters Faith and Charity sending her soul immediately to heaven. She is a saint but not a patron saint.

What is Saint Angelico the patron saint of?

A patron saint is supposed to be a protector in the Catholic religion. Patron Saint Angelico is the patron saint of artists. A patron saint is a protector of life.

Is there a patron saint of dinosaurs?

The Patron Saint Index lists no patron saint of dinosaurs.

Who is the patron saint of boxing?

As per the Patron Saint Index, there is no patron saint of wrestlers. However, Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics and athletes.

Who is Saint Lillian the patron saint of?

Saint Lillian is not a patron saint as per the Patron Saint Index.

What does patron saint mean in this sentence 'Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of all the fishermen and seamen'?

In this context, a patron saint is a saint who is considered a special protector or advocate for a particular group of people or profession. Saint Nicholas is regarded as the patron saint of fishermen and seamen because he is believed to intercede on their behalf and offer spiritual assistance and blessing for their safety and well-being.

Who is the patron saint of bowling?

No, there is no patron saint of billiards.

Who is patron saint of dolphins?

There is a patron saint of Wales but no patron saint of whales.