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What is the Sevii Island quest?

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Do I need to finish the sevii island quest to find Entei?


How do you complete the sevii Island quest to restore the network machine?

To complete the Sevii Islands quest for the Network Machine on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen you need to find the Ruby and Sapphire. The Ruby can be found in Mt.Ember and the Sapphire can be found in Chrono Island.

What do you do next after going to sevii island?

There is no sevii island.

What do you need to get to complete the Sevii Island Quest?

u need the hm move called cut and the hm move surf

Where are the rubys in sevii island?

Either 4 island or 6 island

The guard in cerulean cave is not letting you in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must beat the Elite Four and then complete the Sevii Island quest involving the Ruby and Sapphire.

Is there other places beside Kanto and sevii island in pokemon leaf green?

No there is not you can only be in kanto or the sevii islands

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get to sevii island?

you have to beat the elite four and go the cleio (you'll find him in the Pokemon centre on the first island) and find the ruby and sapphire. then he gives you the sevii island pass

How do you complete the sevii island quest on Pokemon fire red?

you must get the sapphire stone go to ...i think seven island and u will see a metal door with writing on it , use cut on the door and get the sapphire stone

How do you get to the first sevii island in leafgreen?

you have to beat 6 gyms

How do you open the door in the seventh island in the sevii island of Pokemon leafgreen?

Use HM cut on it.

How can you catch Deoxys and where?

Birth Island, Sevii Islands 8 or 9?

Where is celio in FireRed Pokemon?

On Knot Island (the first of the Sevii Islands).

Move tutor in Pokemon FireRed?

On Island Two of the Sevii Islands.

Where can you find Phanpy in Pokemon FireRed?

You find Phanpy in fire red on island 7 of the Sevii islands. (if you do not know how to get to the Sevii Islands, look it up!)

Pokemon LeafGreen After Sevii Island?

you herd wrong there is no "sevii island" its seven island.You need need the rainbow pass to get there. you get it by giving the rubie or Sapphire to a guy on one island in the Pokemon center. the first one is in mount ember by the team rocket people.

When do you catch moltres in Pokemon FireRed?

Moltres have been famously moved to Mt. Ember in One Island of the Sevii Island. You can catch once you are able to go to the Sevii Islands, after you beat Blaine and go to the islands with Bill.

What is the quest in sevii islands in Pokemon fire red?

To get the ruby and the sapphire gem and to deliver them to a guy near a big machine in the one island Pokemon center this will allow you to trade with ruby and other hoenn games.

How do you get moltres on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Moltres is on the summit of Mount Ember. Mount Ember is on Knot Island in the Sevii Island.

Where is six island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Six island is part of the sevii islands to reach there you must have a rainbow pass.

How do you get 12 island in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no 12 Island. There are 7 islands - that's why it's called the Sevii Islands.

How do you go in the four island Pokemon emerald?

Only in firered and leafgreen can you venture to the sevii islands and four island.

Where is the second Sapphire in the sevii island?

You cannot find a second Sapphire in the Sevii Islands due to there being only one. There is a Ruby which pairs with the Sapphire and can be found on Mt. Ember.

How do you get to 4 island in Pokemon Leaf Green?

you get to the sevii islands after you defeat the Pokemon leagu

Pokemon Red sevii island whats the second password?

joey wargo rocks