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The element Mercury has not yet been detected in the solar wind, but it stands to reason that it will propagate at the speed of the bulk solar wind - between 300-800 km/s.

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What is the wind speed on Mercury?

The wind speed on Mercury is zero. Mercury has almost no atmosphere, it is too thin for wind.

Wind speed on Mercury?

There is no wind on Mercury as there is no atmosphere.

What is Mercury's wind speed?

The wind speed on Mercury is zero. Mercury has almost no atmosphere.

Who of all the planets in our solar system has the fastest speed?

Of what? orbit: Mercury spin: Jupiter wind: Neptune

Planet Murcury's wind speed?

There is no wind speed in Mercury because it doesn't have an atmosphere.

Which Planet of solar system with fastest orbiting speed?


What is the solar wind speed on the sun?

The speed of the Sun's solar wind is approximately 400 km/sec or 900,000 miles per hour. In comparison the solar escape velocity is 680 km/sec, and the speed of light is 300,000 km/sec.

Why are there no gases in Mercury?

mercury is so small that its feeble gravity can only hold on to wisps of gas and solar wind.

Why doesnt mercury have an atmosphere?

because its blown away bye solar wind

Why is mercury the fastest planet in the solar system?

Mercury has the fastest orbital speed, since it is the closest to the sun. The further out you go, the slower the orbital speed.

What planets have wind?

Wind of some sort occurs on every planet in the solar system except for Mercury, which essentially has no atmosphere.

What 3 planets in the solar system have wind?

All planets with the possible exception of Mercury (which doesn't have much of an atmosphere) have wind.

How long does it take for the solar wind to travel from the sun to the earth?

That depends on the speed of the solar wind (it changes) but while light takes about 8 mins to reach earth the Solar wind can take from 2-3 days.

Which planet is constantly being replenished by solar wind depositing oxygen and sodium atoms?


The fastest moving planet in a solar systerm is?

The fastest moving planet in out solar system is Mercury, which is named after the roman god of speed.

Sentence with solar wind in it?

Solar wind

Which planet has the fastest wind speed?

Neptune's winds are the fastest in the solar system they go at a speed of 2000km/h. They are the fastest in our solar system and maybe even in the entire galaxy.

What solar feature can increase the solar wind?

Solar flares can increase solar wind.

What is the source of solar wind?

Solar flares from the sun produce bursts of solar wind, but solar wind is constantly streaming out from the sun.

What solar system is mercury in?

Mercury is in the same solar system that we are in.

Do the solar flares emit solar wind?

Yes. Solar flares emit powerful pulses of solar wind in addition to the continuous solar wind that happens with or without them.

How fast is the wind on Mercury?

Mercury doesn't have any wind

How fast are Neptune's winds?

The fastest wind speed recorded on Neptune was 1,500mph which was the greatest storm wind but its usual wind speed is 1,400mph. Neptune's winds are the fastest winds in the solar system. The wind speed can reach to 2.200 km/hour, which is faster than the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.

What planet have the highest average of speed?

If you mean within our Solar System: Mercury, since it is closest to the Sun.

What causes the curtains of light?

solar wind solar wind