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the song is "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

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โˆ™ 2005-11-12 01:15:36
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Q: What is the Song on the Cingular Commercial that sounds country and is about poker It has white rabbits playing poker with carrots as chips?
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What golf course is roger clemens playing in the cingular commercial?

Palos Verdes Coutnry Club

What song is heard in the new Cingular commercial for the Black Jack phone?

the song playing in the blackjack commercial is Stringing Sitars by Anjali

On the Cingular commercial with a guy dancing on a train and then a girl looks at him and takes a picture of him and then he asks her to go dancing what is the song playing?

Try this site for song commercial names and artists: Cingular has several commercials and songs out now.

Who is the athlete in the Cingular commercial that calls his wife about playing one more year in NY and says okay guys you are back She's so happy she's speechless?

Roger Clemens

Who is the golfer in the Cingular dropped call commercial who says he is coming out of retirement?

Although he's playing golf, it isn't a pro golfer - it's Yankee's pitcher Roger Clemens. He last pitched for the Houston Astros after being traded.

Who wrote the song for the Oscar 2008 JC Penny Commercial?

I had the same question - the one I'm thinking of has male and female vocals, and sounds a bit country-like. In the commercial, there are kids playing on a bed in the woods.

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He is playing piano.

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The actor in the National Car Rental Commercial is Sean O'Bryan. He is in the commercial where they are playing football.

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What song is playing on the 2012 mstylelab commercial?

bad for me

What song is playing in the blackberry style commercial?

Be by Common

What song is playing in the new Zales commercial?

What you do to me by Blakroc

What band is playing in the Boost Mobile Commercial with Travis Barker?

The Descendants... playing their song Coolidge.

What is the song playing in the human element mastercard commercial?

The commercial is for Dow Chemical, not mastercard. The Human Element commercial plays the "New Harmony Waltz" by Susan Voelz. There's a copy of the commercial on Utube.

Who is the actress playing the witch in the geico commercial?

Taryn Manning

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We are young

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Dikembe Mutumbo

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Boom by Anjulie

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Hyundai - pomplamoose.

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alex clare

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boz scaggs

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