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Niño is not "short for" or an abbreviation of anything. It is the Spanish word for "boy". Please see this site for confirmation:

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Q: What is the Spanish name Nino short for?
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What is the origin of the name El Nino?

It is Spanish for "the little one".

What is the origin of the surname de Nino?

It is of Italian or Spanish origin. It is more likely Italian because it has the name '' de'' before the name '' Nino''

Why was Torres nick-named El Nino?

The El Nino is Spanish and it is the pet name of the Spanish footballer Fernando Torres who got it when he played at Athletic Madrid . It actually means The Kid.

Who is el nino in Liverpool fc?

el nino means the kid in spanish Fernando Torres Liverpool's spanish striker is known as el nino

What is nino pequeno mean in spanish?

'Nino pequeno' means little boy.

What is the birth name of Nino Pagot?

Nino Pagot's birth name is Nino Pagotto.

What does the name Nino mean?

The name Nino is of Italian and Spanish origin and is a short form of names like Antonino or Giovanni. It is a masculine name that can mean "God is gracious" or "grace."

What is the birth name of Nino Stresa?

Nino Bellini's birth name is Giovanni Bellin.

What is the birth name of Nino Gomes?

Nino Gomes's birth name is Nino Roberto Gomes.

What is the birth name of Nino Pipitone?

Nino Pipitone's birth name is Nino Lubrano Pipitone.

How do you say kid is spanish?

chico, nino

Spanish translation for child?

el nino