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Q: What is the Spanish speaking country that has two capitals?
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What country has two Spanish speaking capitals?

Bolivia has two capitals.La Paz is the Administrative Capital and Sucre is the Constitutional Capital.

Where can you find a map showing all the spanish speaking countries and their capitals?

The website in the related links below includes a list of Spanish speaking countries, and their capitals and two maps showing those countries.

What are the two Spanish speaking country's are in the Caribbean?

Cuba, and Dominican Republic

What Spanish speaking country has a flag with two different sides?

PARAGUAY, a Spanish-speaking country in South America, is known for specifically for having a flag were the obverse and reverse sides have different images.

Which country has two capitals and what are the capitals?

Bolivia, a country in South America located next to Chile, is a country that has not one but two capitals. Those two capitals are La Paz and Sucre. La Paz is the administrative capital, while Sucre is the judicial capital.

Which Asian country has two capitals?

Hong Kong

Which two continents only have one spanish speaking country each?

Europe (Spain) and Africa (Equatorial Guinea).

What two continents have just 1 Spanish speaking country?

Africa and Asia qualify as such, via Western Sahara and the Philippines, respectively.

Two capitals that start with the leter v are found in the german- speaking part of europe. what are the two capitals?

one is viena( i may have spelt wrong, its the capital of austria) but i dont know the other sory!!!

What country in West Europe has two capitals?

The Netherlands: the Hague and Amsterdam

Can you have 2 capitals in one country?

No, a country cannot have two capitals in one country. Because, if there are more than one capital, then there will be a fight over power. Just, like our past has told us.

What European country has two capitals and is protected by 1500 miles of dikes?

The Netherlands