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this phrase may have at least two translations: it may mean "vivir" as opposed to "morir" ("to die"). or it may mean "residir" ("to reside ".) quite the same like in English. "to live in the moment" literally means "vivir el momento"

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Q: What is the Spanish translation for the phrase to live in the moment?
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What is the French translation for the phrase live the moment?

to live the moment is 'vivre l'instant' in French, or we could use the Latin "Carpe Diem".

Viva la vida translation?

"Viva la vida" translates to "live life" or "long live life" in English. The phrase is often used to express a celebration of life and living in the moment.

What does live mas mean in spanish?

Live is not a Spanish word, but the phrase means "live more".

What does dónde vives mean in Spanish?

Donde vives is the Spanish phrase for "Where do you live?"

How do you say Live laugh love in spanish?

vivir,amor,reir The above is actually the translation of: to live, to love, to laugh. The phrase being translated uses the imperative forms in English, so the translation for that would be: Vive, ama, reír

What is the translation for el espectador?

el espectador is the Spanish phrase meaning "the viewer". This can mean someone who is watching an even live in a stadium or someone who is watching something on television.

How do you say do you want to live here in Spanish?

The Spanish translation for "Do you want to live here?" is "¿Quieres vivir aqui?.

How do you say live fish in spanish?

Translation: Pez vivo

How do you write 'live for the moment' in Brazilian Portuguese?

Live at the moment = Vivo no momento (alive at the moment) Live for the moment = Vivo o momento (Enjoy the present moment) This is a somewhat confused phrase. The entire text would be useful for a better comprehension and a subsequent explanation.

What is the Samoan translation of the English phrase Live your dreams?

Ola i ou miti

How do you say where does he live in spanish?

Translation: En donde vive el

What does donde viva mean in spanish?

Translation: Where you live As a question: Where do you live? (¿En dónde vives?)