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Bunny = conejito (diminutive of 'conejo', rabbit)

Spider = araña

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Q: What is the Spanish word for bunny what is the Spanish word for spider?
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What is the spanish word for spider?


What does the Spanish word arana mean?

araña means spider

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Is bunny a noun if yes is it a common noun?

Yes, the word 'bunny' is a noun; an informal word for a rabbit; a word for a thing.The noun 'bunny' is a common noun; a general word for a type of mammal.

What is the filipino word for bunny?

Kuneho (rabbit/bunny)

What is another word for bunny?

Another word for bunny is a rabbit, a hare or a Coney. Also, if you are referring to a person, Bunny is used as a nickname for Bernice!

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The Xhosa word for spider is "intsimbi."

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a bunny is 'un lapin' in French.