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Roughly petardo.

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Q: What is the Spanish word for firecracker?
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What is a petardas?

Petardas in Spanish, or "kitschy" in English, means firecracker. Its more of a personified word, meaning boring or heavy. It can also be used as to describe a firecracker- an explosive or powder that has a significant detonation.

What is the German word for firecracker?


What is another word for a firecracker that does not work?


This word starts with an F The Chinese invented explosives thousands of years ago?


How do you say firecracker in German?

Firecracker can be translated as:KnallerKnallkörperKnallbonbonBöllerKracher

When was The Firecracker Press created?

The Firecracker Press was created in 2002.

How tall is Frenchi Firecracker?

Frenchi Firecracker is 5' 2".

What does the Meaning of Telugu word kanakambaram flowers in English?

kanakambaram flower is called Firecracker Flower,

What is a sentence for firecracker?

I hear firecracker on New Year Day.I love firecracker, because it has pretty colors.My family buys firecracker for me, because they love me.Firecracker can be use on the beach,at your home, and at a store.

When was Firecracker EP created?

Firecracker EP was created in 1998-09.

What is the duration of Firecracker film?

The duration of Firecracker - film - is 1.87 hours.

What is the duration of Miss Firecracker?

The duration of Miss Firecracker is 1.7 hours.