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The supreme judge of the United States is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In July of 2014, it was John Roberts. He was appointed by George W. Bush.

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Who is the presiding judge at the Colorado Supreme Court?

The presiding disciplinary judge at the Colorado Supreme Court is currently Judge William Lucero. One may find further information about Judge Lucero via the official Colorado Supreme Court.

Is a justice just a judge in the Supreme Court or can a judge be called a justice in other courts too?

Although a justice is a judge in the Supreme Court, any other judge is commonly referred to as simply that, a judge.

What is the retirement age for a supreme court judge?

The retirement age of a supreme court judge is at 65 years of age.

Is a federal judge the same as a Supreme Court justice?

No. A Supreme Court Justice is a federal judge, but there are hundreds of federal judges and only nine are on the Supreme Court.

What supreme court judge is quitting and moving to another country?

As far as I know there is no Supreme Court judge quitting and moving.

Who is the top Judge for the Supreme Court?

The top Judge for the U.S. Supreme Court is titled as the Chief Justice. The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is John Roberts.

What is the duties of a supreme court judge?

the supreme court judge prosecutes law offenders and makes verdicts of the cases brought before them

What is the main job of a judge in supreme court?

The main job of a supreme court judge is to determine whether or not a law or case is constitutional.

What is the head judge on the US Supreme Court called?

The head judge of the US Supreme Court is called the "Chief Justice."Your butt

How does someone become a Supreme Court judge?

Each Supreme Court judge is hand-picked by the President in office. That Supreme Court judge stays in office until death, at which time the current President will pick an appropriate replacement.

What does a Supreme Court judge do?

A Supreme Court judge hears cases that have been appealed. As the highest court in the nation, the goal is to uphold the Constitution.

Who is the first woman supreme court judge?

M. Fathima Beevi was the first female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India (1989)

What is the tenure of a judge of the Supreme Court in India?

In India the supreme court judge term is not fixed.A supreme court continues to hold the post until he achieves the age of superannuation.i.e,65 years.

An assistant to a supreme court judge is a?


Do you have to go to school to be a supreme judge?


Who rules the judicial branch?

The Supreme Judge.

What is the requirements to become a supreme court judge?

There are no specific requirements to become a supreme court judge except they must of studied law under a mentor.

How long is term of a supreme court judge?

A Supreme Court Justice is appointed for life.

Was George Zimmerman's father a former judge?

yes,he is a retired supreme court judge

What is difference between Chief justice and Judge?

The Chief Justice is the highest sitting judge on the Supreme Court and a judge is just that, a judge of a court.

What can the Supreme Court do if the president appoints a Supreme Court judge?

The President can not appoint a new judge unless a vacancy occurs or Congress creates a new position on the court. The Supreme Court is not involved in either case.

What is a judge that sits on the Supreme Court bench called?

Judges on the Supreme Court are known as justices.

Can a Supreme Court judge be removed?

A supreme court justice can face involuntary impeachable punishment.

A judge who was a women?

Sonia Sotomayor was the third woman in the supreme court and the first Hispanic judge

Which is retirement age of supreme court judge?