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The System32 folder and its subfolders contain the core operating system files for your Windows installation.

No matter what anyone tells you do not delete this folder. Tampering with any single file may make you computer a paperweight.

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Q: What is the System32 folder?
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Where can you download a new system32 folder?

You shouldn't get a new folder, System32 is a virus and you should delete it instantly.

Where is system32 folder located on the computer?

On Windows machines C:\windows\system32.

Where do you find windows system32 folder?

click on C: drive, then click on Windows and you can see System32 folder somewhere there.

In what folder is the registry stored?

C:\Windows\system32\config folder

What is the folder in which windows is installed is known generically as what?

System32 under C://Windows/System32

Where is system 32 folder located?

You can get to system32 by going to Start>My Computer>C:>Windows>System32 (The path is: C:\Windows\System32) Don't ever mess with this folder, as your system won't start up if you do.

How do you get unbanned from synchtube?

delete folder system32

What is system 32 folder?

system32 is a folder that holds info. for your windows XP.

What are two subfolders in the system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What two subfolders in the C Windows System32 folder contain files needed for Windows startup?

C:\Windows\System32\config and C:\Windows\System32\drivers

What two subfolders in the windows system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What 2 subfolders in the cwindows system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

How many files are in a system32 folder?

It really depends on your OS, and how much apps you use.Antiviruses, for example, place files in system32. So there is no definitive 'amount of files' in system32.

What is wrong if when opening Windows XP a System32 folder appears on the screen?

"In a nutshell, the System 32 folder appears at startup because of a corrupt system registry value." See the Related Link for "System32 Folder Opens at Startup?" to the right for the more about the answer.

How can you clean your computer from file virus?

Delete the system32 folder on your computer

What is the C:Recycler folder and is there anyway you can remove the files contained in it?

DO NOT TOUCH THE FOLDER! It will break it nearly as much as deleting the system32 will!

What folder holds the windows registry?

C:\Windows\system32\restore, C:\Windows\registry\backup, C:\Windows\system32, C:\Windows\registry, C:\Windows\system32\config, C:\Windows\system32\config\RegBack

Where is the usbio.sys file?

On most Windows computers, the usbio.sys is found in the system32 folder. This folder is in the Windows directory on the primary drive.

How do you get your system32 back?

Unless you have a back up of your computer from before you deleted the system32 folder there is no way to get it back The only option I can think of is to wipe your hard drive and re-install the OS Sorry about your luck, Remember kids deleting the system32 folder will not speed up your computer, the more you know.

How do you eradicate computer virus?

Delete your system32 folder that works ever time.

What file store computer password?

the SAM file in the config folder of system32.

What is the Windows 98 equivalent of Windows XP's system32 folder?

It's the System folder. But if you are looking for windows/dos commands you'll find them in the Command folder

What are Two subfolders in the CWindowssystem32 folder that contains files needed for Windows startup?

C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

In what folder does task scheduler keep scheduled tasks?


What is the file name for WINS resolution?

wins.exe It should be found in the :\Windows\System32 folder