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1000 mph to 3000 or it will explode in your face and you will die or get very very hurt
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What is the top speed of a formula one car?

The top speed ever acheived by a formula one car during a race was 369.9 km/h (229.8 mph) set during the 2004 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Italy by driver Antônio Pizzonia of the BMW Williams F1 team driving the FW26 powered by a BMW 3.0 litre v10.

What is the average top speed of a car?

Answer . Micro cars, that is, 2 seat cars with sub 1.3 litre engines, about 140 kph (85 mph). Small cars, 4 seats such as Toyota Corolla, 170 kph (106 mph). Medium cars, 5 seats such as BMW 318i, 230 kph (142 mph). Large cars, for example, Lexus IS 500, 250 kph (155 mph). Sports cars, such as ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest top speed reached by a car?

Answer . 100000000000000000000. The current record holder is ThrustSSC, a twin turbofan jet powered car, which achieved 763 mph over a measured one mile course.

What is the top speed of a normal FAMILY car?

Depend on what family car you are looking at. on a 2010 chevy cruze a 1.8 4 cylinder family I maxed out 210 km/ph on a 2006 subaru impreza gx 2.0 i maxed out 220kmph on a 2006 nissan tiida 1.6 i maxed out 190kmph on a 2007 suzuki swift 1.2 i mexed out 167kmph

What is top speed for a legend car?

If its a race car your talking about with a Yamaha 1200 or 1250cc motor and 5 speed transmission, they can run about 120 or 125 depending on the rear end gear. but they usually would never get close to this because their either running on a 1/4 or 1/2 mile track. The bigest track I've ever ran mine ( Full Answer )

What is a CO2 car?

A co2 car is a co2 air valve paked car that can go up to 26 miles per hour.

Why do all cars have a top speed?

Cars are designed to have a top speed for safety reasons. An engine can only spin at so many RPMs before things start to fly off or destroy themselves. The same holds true for the rest of the moving parts on a car. Tires can only handle so many RPMs before the rubber starts to come apart. The faster ( Full Answer )

What was the top speed of cars in the 1940s?

US car production was dealt a setback because of World War II. In 1940 pre World War II the US produced 4,680,000 cars. Although each decade in history is different the decade of the 1940's is by far the most unusual in U.S. automobile history. This was the only period of time when automobile produc ( Full Answer )

How long can an formula 1 car maintain its top speed?

An Formula One cra with a full tank is capable of maintaining its top speed (220mph) for precisley 16minutes 7.56 seconds. This is only possible if there is enough straight road.. Answeered By F1 Genius.

What is the top speed for the fastst car in the world?

Assuming you mean production cars, it is the SSC Ultimate Aero at 257 mph+, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp, base price is $654,400. Tested in March 2007 by Guinness world records, The SSC Ultimate Aero takes the lead as the fastest car in the world beating Bugatti Veyron.

What is a Police car top speed?

EDIT: A Newer crown Victoria Police Interceptor will max out at 120 because of the speed limiter. The older models had drive-line failure during high speed (130-140mph) driving so they added a limiter. (police interceptor crown Victoria's made before 2006 have a speed limiter set at 140 mph) All ( Full Answer )

What is the the top speed of a F1 Car?

Most Formula One cars have a top speed of over a 300 km/h with some cars reaching 330 km/h in fast straight circuits like Monza, Japan etc. The highest speed ever to reach by an Formula One car is 368.16 km/h and without the wings are capable of reaching over 400 km/h.

Average speed of a CO2 car?

The average speed of a 12 inch CO2 Car is 168.18 miles per hour according to many experiments by many scientists. The 918 Spider car reach a top speed of198 MPH

What is the top speeds for a muscle car?

It depends on the car and the equipment used to drive it. . Most muscle cars lack a governor or a speed-control device, which allows the car to reach its max speed potential. The typical top speed of a muscle car during their prime era, was around 130-135mph. This is all the engine could push the c ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed a car can go?

buggati veryon goes 407kmh max and it is record. . That's the current record for an unmodified production vehicle, Top fuel dragsters and funny cars currently reach speeds around 330 mph (531 kph) and the world land speed record for a wheeled vehicle is 763.035 mph (1227.986 kph). There is no real ( Full Answer )

Top 5 speeds in CO2 dragsters?

MY MOMA. -Christopher Hernandez =). MY MOMA. -Christopher Hernandez =). MY MOMA. -Christopher Hernandez =). MY MOMA. -Christopher Hernandez =). MY MOMA. -Christopher Hernandez =)

Mclaren F1 car top speed?

Mclaren F1 is the fastest cars on tracks like in real NASCAR racing but the fastest cars on land is the bugattii

What is A1 gp car top speed?

The on-screen speedo's top speed incates 270 km/h so I would imagine 260 km/h would be possible. This speed would rarely be achieved during any race. The track with the longest straight would be a good indicator of the cars top speed.

Why does a car have a top speed?

It cant just accelerate to the endless, at some point a car's power wouldn't be powerfull enought to go faster, because the air gets thicker the faster you go, and the car looses grip, this is why high performance cars needs a powerfull engine, great aerodynamics and good tires.

What is meant by the top speed of a car?

The 'top speed' of a car generally refers to the maximum speed (in either miles per hour of kilometers per hour) that a car can achieve based upon the manufacturer's original design specifications. Any car's top speed is limited by a number of factors, including electronic limiters, aerodynamic forc ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest - top speed- car on the road?

Well, first I'd try to learn how to use proper English. The fastest car on the road you ask? [It] Depends what you mean by "fastest". Quickest 1/8th mile, 1/4 mile, 0-60, top speed, etc., etc.

How do you work out the top speed of a car?

have it in top gear, drive along at 1000rpm, note the speed, then drive up to 2000rpm, just say 25mph increase, now depending what rpm your limited to multiply 25mph by how many revs you have. e.g 6500rpm multiply by 25mph = 162.5mph

How does friction affect the speed of a co2 car?

Friction acts on all cars the same pretty much, model, rocket or tank. I am assuming this is a model race car though. . The three important factors to look at are air resistance . Rolling resistance (wheel to track and wheel to axle) I used to use no residue and no smell silicone dry spray . Body ( Full Answer )

Your speedometer stops at a speed does my car top out at the same speed?

yea newer cars have a speed limiter, like my lancer, they top out at a certain speed to be safe. Usually around 100+ mph. by the way how fast are you driving to notice this? My car tops out at 115 and ive never reached it except at the track... So yeah slow down.

What is the top speed of he worlds fastest car?

Well the fastest street legal production car in the world is the ssc ultimate aero topping well over 257 mph. The fastest street legal car is a 1972 Vauxhall VX4/90 FD. Top speed unknown. (o-60mph in 1sec) The answer depends on what type of car you want ,a production car or a car built by a man ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed for a Ford car?

The Ford J4 factory cars at LeMans in 1965 was about 230 mph down the front straightaway. A J Foyt and Andretti were the drivers.

What was the top speed for an average 1930's car?

My STOCK 1931, Model A Ford, 4 cylinder car does Fifty MPH wih no trouble. Ford came out with the V 8 in 1932 which did well over sixty MPH, and fancier cars had 12 cylinders which would do NINETY without a problem.

What factors affect the top speed of cars?

Weight of vehicle, shape and aerodynamic properties of vehicle, Power to weight ratio, atmospeheric conditions (temperature, humidity levels and altitude). Tyre pressure is a very important one, also the octane level of fuel being used. These are the common factors to consider.

How much is the top speed of fastest car?

The worlds fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron Super sport, has a top speed of 267 mph. The land speed world record is held by the Thrustssc, it achieved a top speed of 763.035 mph.

What is the top speed of a cable car?

The fastest speed of cable cars were produced by Aerial Tram andGondola, which has maximum speeds of 12.5m/s (45km/h) and 8.5m/s(30km/h) respectively.

What is the top speed for a stock Laguna car?

The top speed for a Laguna stock car is estimated at one hundred and fifty miles per hour and with about a stunning one hundred and ninety one horsepower.

Which cars offer a top speed in excess of 200mph?

There are many cars that have a top speed in excess of 200 mph. For example, some stock cars fall into this category. The 200 Mph Club and Road and Track provide details of the performance of many cars such as the Jaguar and McLaren models of high performance vehicles.

What is the top speed of a Maserati car?

The top speed of a Maserati car can vary depending on the model such as the 2013 GranCabrio MC which has a top speed 189 mph. The GranCabrio MC can go from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds.

What is a sports car top speed?

As fast as it can go. There are many different sports cars outthere, as well as opinions of what defines a sports car.Performance specs vary between vehicles.