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The United-States of America TLD (Top Level Domain) is .us

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Q: What is the US's top level domain?
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What is the top-level domain tld abbreviation?

Its TLD - Top Level Domain.

What are the two parts of a domain name?

Top level domain and second level domain . Top level domain appears to the right after dot and second level domain appears to the left of the domain name

What does the top level domain dot nl mean?

.nl is the top level domain for Netherlands.

What is a top-level domain name?

After the root domain, a top-level domain is one of the domains at the highest level in the Internet's hierarchical Domain Name System. The top-level domain names are installed in the name space's root zone. It is the last part of the domain name, that is, the last non-empty label of a fully qualified domain name, for all domains in lower levels. For example, the top-level domain in the domain name wwwdotexampledotcom is com. Check HostBella to get Top Level Domain as soon as possible!

What is the top level domain for china?

dot cn The TLD (top level domain) for the country of China is ".cn"

22 TLD - what does it mean?

TLD means Top-level Domain. So...... 22 Top Level Domain??

What are the three parts or a domain name?

The three parts of a domain name are the host record (www, @(none) or *(other)), the SLD (second level domain) and the TLD (top level domain) or ccTLD (country code top level domain). For example = host nameanswers = SLD (second level domain).com = TLD (top level domain)

What is a example of a top-level domain?

Top level domain example is .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov. etc. that are not symbol for any country or regional level domain. For more example:-, it's a top level domain., It's not top level, it's point out a country basis domain that is united kingdom.

What country is represented by the CN domain name?

I think you're referring to the top level domain. .cn is the top level domain for mainland China.

How is a domain relates to a top level domain?

Hello,A top level domain or TLD is the highest level of a domain name. For example, the TLD of is .com.Ryan BradleyJunior Server EngineerHostMySite.com

Which is an example of a top-level domain?

.com is an example of an top-level domain--Do you need a good .com domain name? Visit

Is an example of a top-level domain?

.com is an example of an top-level domain--Do you need a good .com domain name? Visit

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