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What is the Ultimate Armor Gameshark code for Megaman X8?

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Where are the ultimate armor parts in mega man x6?

You get a code when you complete the game to get the Ultimate Armor X and Black Armor Zerp.

What is the mastercode for megaman battle network 3 blue for the gameshark?

Here is the code:993E41C6E209 B3A00AD93EOC 5840956756C1

What is the gameshark code for all battle chips on megaman battle network 4 red sun?

BS answer removed

How do you get the megaman bass cross on Battle Network 5 team colonel?

You must own a gameshark and use this code: b1f9754d242b

What is the ultimate Pokemon diamond cheat code without gameshark or action replay?


What is the GameShark code for the wish tag?

What is gameshark

Megaman battle network 3 style code?

This is not a thing. There are no "codes" to undergo a style change or acquire a specific style without a cheating device, like Gameshark. Story end.

What is the gameshark code to make Pokemon eggs in Pokemon emerald hatch faster?

If you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame body, or Magma armor it can cut the steps in half. eg. Magma, Slugma, Macargo. the Action replay code (not gameshark) for it is: Easy Egg Hatch -- run for about 20 to 30 steps 59F192DC 2D906781 i havnt tried it so i don't know if it works (the code that is) ACTION REPLAY IS GAMESHARK! There is no "Action Replay" for Gameboy Advance, only Gameshark and Codebreaker. This code does NOT work I will try to find a working one! ;)

How do you make GameShark code for Pokemon LeafGreen?

Gameshark is a code program you cant make a code for it but there are cheat codes.

What is the gameshark code for Pokemon gold vba to get infinite rare candies?

0120f0d5 gameshark code.

Gameshark master ball code in emerald?

there is code for master ball in Pokemon emerlad for gamesharkHere is the ultimate code for Master balls:958D8046A7151D708BB602F78CEB681Aafter adding the code go to Pokemon center and access to PC the go to ash PC go to item storage withdraw items and take master balls as any you want !

How do you use the code generator on GameShark?

You press a 4 times close your and repeat the words 'gameshark gameshark help me cheat, gameshark gameshark give me cheats

How do you type a master code in any Pokemon game?

with a gameshark. with a gameshark

How do you find Deoxys with the Gameshark in Pokemon Emerald?

you need a gameshark code

Where do you get GameShark code from?

What is the GameShark code for faraway island?

this is for all you people out there that really want the gameshark code for faraway isl. 2245d78909d

How do you catch to Island 9 in Pokemon FireRed?

You need a Gameshark and a Gameshark Code.

How do you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon sapphire?

Use a Gameshark (I lost my Gameshark code for it)

Gameshark code in Pokemon emerald how to inter code?

It is entered by having the gameshark & the emerald inserted into the gameshark, then turn on the Gameboy Advance & the Gameshark should have the cheats for that game on the menu, if not they can be entered manually, for the cheats go to their website (they will have them).

What is the difference between a gameshark code with 12 characters and a gameshark code with 16 characeters in Pokemon ruby?

I don't know. I don't think there is much of a difference, but there are some 16-digit codes that I want and my Gameshark only lets me put in 12. I have the same question as you. A 16 - digit code is a gameshark code. But a 12 digit code is for a codebreaker. you can find gameshark codes on and Codebreaker codes on -Hope I helped

What is the Pokemon Sapphire GameShark money code?

Here is the Gameshark Code: [Must Be ON] Pokémon Sapphire Infinite Money Code: E51E97C3 7858E4EB

How do you enter code GameShark?


How do you undo a code on a GameShark?

by editing it

Is there a code for the GameShark pro to update it?


How can you get to naval rock?

gameshark code

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