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What is the Unholy Trinity?

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The Unholy Trinity (also known as the "Unholy Godhead") is seen as the opposite of the Holy Trinity or "Godhead". In the Holy Trinity; Jehovah is clearly seen throughout Scripture as Father, Son, and Spirit.

In the Unholy Trinity there are also 3 members:

The False Prophet (The Beast out of the Earth) - he is the father of the Antichrist.

The Antichrist (The Beast out of the Sea) - he is the son of the False Prophet.

Satan (The Dragon) - he is the spirit.

Click on (The Unholy Godhead) link at bottom of page for more details.


In medical terms the unholy trinity are three signs found in children that have very often been found in kids who have serious mental issues, violent tendencies, and serial killer behavior. The signs are; 1. Bedwetting after the age of 6-7 2. Torturing/killing or wanting to torture/kill animals. 3. Fire-starting and Pyromania

The churches teach--:"There are three divine Persons (the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost), each said to be eternal, each said to be almighty, none greater or less than another, each said to be God, and yet together being but one God. Other statements of the dogma emphasize that these three �Persons� are not separate and distinct individuals but are three modes in which the divine essence exists"and is not a Bible teaching.

Here is why it is an "unholy" Trinity--

Jesus said that he is God's Son and that the Father sent me forth, (John 10:36; 6:57) Jesus himself acknowledged: The Father is greater than I am. (John 14:28; 8:28) Therefore Jesus is NOT equal with the Father, as the Trinity doctrine says. He was created by God and is subordinate to Him.Colossians 1:15; 1 Corinthians 11:3.

The origin of the Trinity is entirely pagan. The paganism in our Christianity.

It is degrading to Almighty God to call anyone his equal, and even worse to call Mary the Mother of God", the doctrine dishonors God, that is why it is unholy.

AnswerI find no evidence in scripture to an Unholy Trinity, this would appear to be a man made term. It would suggest to some, that if there be a Holy Trinity then there must be an Unholy Trinity. This is contrary to gospel teachings. To my learned friends who say that Christ is not equal with the Father, may I remind them that the Father gave authority to the Son to act in His name. Did not Christ say "As ye see me do so doeth the Father"(paraphrased). Was it not God who gave His son authority to come down and create (organise) the world? Though Christ is the first born son of God, not only in the spirit world but in the flesh, He is only equal in authority and not, I have no doubt,in knowledge. AnswerThe term "Unholy Trinity" is used often to refer to a set of 3 entities that are considered evil. This is in contrast, of course, to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

From a Biblical point of view, the Unholy Trinity usually refers to the three individuals who play an important part of end-times prophecies: Satan, the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet.

There are two other sets of three evil entities which are often mentioned as a group in Christian tradition. One is from The Bible (1 John 2:16) usually quoted as "The lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh and the pride of life" (AV) referring to desire, sensual pleasure, and pride or ambition. The other is from the Book of Common Prayer, in the baptism service, where new Christians are to resist "the world, the flesh and the devil."

The Unholy, or Impossible, Trinity is also an economic term indicating that one cannot have a fixed exchange rate, free capital movement, and an independent monetary policy at the same time. See the Wikipedia Article on Impossible Trinity for more details.


Well the trinity actually originated form Paganism. Our Trinity is the"Crone, the Mother, and the Maiden. Paganism has been around long before Christianity, so technically the trinity is pagan. Christians just used it to represent "the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit.

Unholy Trinity Answer by a minister involved in deliverance. Maybe, a bit different...

The Unholy Trinity in Hinduism is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. According to my understanding of Hinduism Brahma is described as the creator god, Vishnu as the sustainer god, and Shiva as the destroyer god. In Hinduism there are 33 million gods and goddesses that are incarnations of those gods.

The Christian deliverance minister saw an unholy trinity, based on the Book of Revelation, with the connection of the spirit of the Antichrist, spirit of Jezebel, (mother goddess), and the spirit of Death and Hell following. This unholy trinity idea is a parallel of the Unholy Trinity idea in Hinduism with the demonic spirits in Satan's kingdom as being connected to each other in the spiritual realm. Different demons/spirits are connected to the higher demonic angels named above.

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