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All of the Pleasure Island clubs closed in September 2008, including the Adventurer's Club.


It�s a restaurant/bar on Pleasure Island patterned after a stuffy English gentleman�s club. The two story structure features turn of the century (20th century, that is) d�cor with overstuffed armchairs and snooty waiters. The walls feature stuffed wild game heads, some of which talk. Many people stroll through and admire the d�cor, maybe have a drink but leave without the main attraction. The club features a �secret� floor show in the downstairs library. Approx. every 30-40 minutes, guests will be ushered downstairs to enjoy the show. No one will tell you in advance when a show occurs, so you must either hang around or just be lucky enough to show up at the right time.

If you don�t want to waste too much time, ask a cast member when the next show starts. If it�s more than 30 minutes, go have a drink at another Pleasure Island club and come back in time for the show.

The Comedy Warehouse and Rock n roll Beach Club are both a lot of fun, also. As long as you paid your admission to Pleasure Island, you might as well have one drink on each club.

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Q: What is the Walt Disney World Adventurers Club?
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