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The absence of nothing is everything. The absence of nothing is everything.

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What is absence of matter?

the absence of matter is nothing.

What is the speed of Darkness If darkness is the absence of light then you think that light is the absence of darkness.?

No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.

How can you explain Nothing?

Nothing is the absence of something. Nothing meaning the absence of everything may be an impossible concept since to comprehend it requires that "it" be something, even an absence of a thing. The absence of everything must include itself in the negation, so in this respect nothing is a paradox. Nothing may be more easily explained in mathematics as that element which added to another yields the same element.

What does nothing mean?

Nothing means the absence of every state (solid liquid etc...) Nothing means the absence of every stage, i.e. solid, liquid and gas. Nothing mean a vacume.

How do you spell nothing?

That is the correct spelling of "nothing" (absence of anything, null set, zilch).

What colors make up nothing?

Nothing is the absence of anything so it is made of no colours.

What does no absence of fear mean?

No absence of fear means nothing, it's normal, the absence of fear means stupidity, taking action despite of fear is courage.

What is a complete absence of matter?

nothing??? im guessing.. :P

What is vacuum made of?

A vacuum is made of nothing. It is the absence of matter.

If light is energy then what about dark is it also energy?

Dark is the absence of light. Dark is nothing itself other than the absence of light.

What is the color of nothing?

color of nothing will be sheer darkness. Nothing is just empty space.

Does vacuum have speed?

No. A vacuum is nothing. Most books define it as the absence of all matter. So if it is nothing it cannot have speed.

What is the absence of anything?

"vaccuum" "nothing" For more information, please refer to the link below.

In the absence of a written constitution by what means can the legal and other rules of the constitution be identified as constitutional?

The question answers itself. In the absence of a constitution, NOTHING can be identified as consititutional, because there IS no constitution.

Why light travels in straight lines?

In the absence of external forces, there's nothing to cause it to bend.

What is the space that contains nothing in art?

When drawing is it known as the "absence of line" that creates a feature in the drawing.

What colour would it be if there was nothing?

It would be black most likely at least to our eyes because in space there is nothing sometimes and its black because its the absence of light.

Is cartoonnetwork toonface real?

DEfine REal?, is Cold Real or is it the mear absence of HEAT?, is DARKNESS real or just the absence of light? Toonface is real as FACEBOOK is real, and nothing more.

What is the meaning of the poem absence by Pablo Neruda?

Although 'nothing has changed, something, according to the poet, 'has ended' .

What is a problem created by the ozone layer?

Nothing is wrong with ozone layer. There is problem with absence of ozone layer.

What is the pressure in a vacuum?

There is no pressure in a vacuum, a vacuum is the absence of anything, there is nothing there to push. Air from a pressurized space that becomes open to a vacuum may push you into the vacuum, but the vacuum itself does nothing as it is literally nothing.

What is the wavelength of the black color?

Black does not have a wavelength. Black is an ABSENCE of light. No light equals black. Nothing there to wave, so no wave length. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

In the absence of lunar eclipse what will happen?

Nothing whatsoever. Absolutely nothing. Just one less thing for a few people to notice in the night sky once in a while.

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