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The acceleratipn of a body with uniform velocity is zero. Acceleratipn is the

time rate of change of velocity. If the velocity is uniform, then its time rate

of change is zero.

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Q: What is the acceleratipn of a body with uniform velocity and why?
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What is the nature of velocity time graph of a body moving with uniform retardation?

A body moving at a uniform speed may have a uniform velocity, or its velocity could be changing. How could that be? Let's look. The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity is speed.

When a body has uniform velocity?

A body has uniform velocity if it covers equal displacement in equal intervals of time however short the interval may be.

What is the uniform rate of decrease of velocity of a moving body?

Uniform Constant Deceleration

Can the average velocity of a body be the same as the instantaneous velocity?

Yes, but in uniform motion.

Why is the body moving with a uniform velocity is zero?

The body is not zero, but the sum of all forces on it is. -- "Uniform velocity" means no acceleration. -- Acceleration is force/mass . -- If acceleration is zero, that's an indication that force must be zero.

What is a acccelertion of a body moving with a uniform velocity?

Zero, since the velocity doesn't change.

Can the average velocity of a body be the same as the instateneous velocity?

Yes, But in uniform motion only.

What is the importance of uniform acceleration graph in physics what is instantaneous velocity?

The slope of a velocity-time graph that shows uniform acceleration is the actual acceleration. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of a body at a particular moment in time.

If the displacement of a body is proportional to square of time will the body be moving with uniform velocity or uniform acceleration?

Let us suppose that the displacement is given by, x = kt2 , where k is constant of proportionality. Therefore, velocity of the body, v = dx/dt = d(kt2)/dt = 2kt Since, velocity depends on time ,the body is not moving with uniform velocity.... Again, acceleration of the body, a = dv/dt = d(2kt)/dt = 2k As the acceleration is independent of time , the body is moving with uniform acceleration..

What is unifom velocity?

when a body travels unequal displacement in equal interval of time or visa-versa, it is said to have non-uniform velocity

When constant force is applied to a body then it does it moves with uniform speed?


How is average velocity of a body calculated when its velocity changes at a non-uniform rate?

average velocity=displacement/total time taken