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If there is any acid radical present, it is one with the formula O2-2. However, hydrogen peroxide is not usually considered an acid except by the broadest definition(s) of acid behavior.

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Q: What is the acid radical present in Na2 O2?
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What is the IUPAC for Na2 O2?

Sodium peroxide.

What is the charge of sodium hydroxide?

Na2+H1+O2 Na2HO3

Can someone help balance the equation Na plus O2 Na2 O?

4Na + O2 --> 2Na2 + O

What are diatomic molecule?


When o2 is not present to which compound is pyruvic acid converted?

If oxygen is not present, the pyruvic acid molecules will begin to undergo fermentation. They remain in the cell during aerobic respiration.

What is a radical in your body?

Examples: hydroxyl radical (OH.) and the superoxide anion O2(-).

What acid is O2?

O2 denotes oxygen. It is element. It is not an acid.

Does fermentation releases lactic acid?

Your muscle cells do when you preform lactic acid fermentation.

Which chemical present in onion?

Hydrochloric acid Ammonium Sodium benzoate Artificial flavouring Watermelon juice

What is the conjugate acid of O2-?

The conjugate acid of F- is HF.

Does O2 form an acid when dissolved in water?

No it doesn't

How NOCl reacts with water?

The reaction with water is "messy"- initially hydrochloric acid and nitrous acid are formed. Oxygen from the air will oxidise and produce nitric acid and you may even get reddish fumes of NO2 that depends on how much water is present to "mop up" the NO2 NOCl +H2O ----> HNO2 + HCl (nitrous acid and hydrochloric acid) The HNO2 nitrous acid will disproportionate: 3HNO2 -> OH3+ + NO3- + 2NO Oxygen present in the water will react with the NO (nitric oxide) 2NO + O2 ->2NO2 NO2 will hydrolyse to form nitric and nitrous acid:- 2NO2 +H2O -> HNO3 + HNO2 A net equation in lots of water with sufficient O2 from the air will go right through to nitric acid and HCl