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Q: What is the actual cost for stripping and refinishing vinyl tile in 2016 per square feet?
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What is average price for stripping and polishing vinyl floors?

ARTCO Floor Care Business in Sarasota charges approx. 35 cent per square foot, which includes STRIPPING & REFINISHING..(& apply FOUR COATS FINISH)...of all HARD surface floors..we also offer FREE ESTIMATES... you walk on it- we clean it !!

How many squares of vinyl siding to cover 986 square feet?

Depends ENTIRELY on the size of the vinyl squares !

How many pieces of vinyl soffit are in a square?

8 pieces make a square for vinyl soffit. I install it and I know. 12" x 12' piece.

How many square feet in a square of vinyl siding?

100 square feet of coverage, installed.

How many feet is on a square of vinyl siding?


What is the average cost of vinyl siding installation in Indiana?

The average cost for vinyl siding in Indiana is $250-$300 per 100 square feet. This is for a median type vinyl siding. For a higher class of vinyl siding the average cost is more like $400-$600 per 100 square feet.

How many square feet per typical package vinyl flooring?

vinyl tile or vct 45 sq ft, vinyl planks- varies-15 to 25 sq ft

How much does it cost per square foot to have vinyl flooring installed?

Most of the time vinyl flooring includes installation in the price and depending on the quality of the vinyl flooring will range from $3-4 a square foot to higher end vinyl flooring that can cost well over $4 a square foot.

How many 18X18 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 288 square feet?

192 tiles

How many square foot are in 17 square of vinyl?

1 square foot = 144 square inches17" x 17" = 289 square inches = 2.007 square feet (rounded)

What is the worth of an Abbey Road album in excellent condition with an actual white vinyl album?


What is the weight of vinyl siding per square foot?

There are 100 square feet in a "square", it will cover an area about 10' x 10'But remember, there will be some waste, so you'll need to order extra.