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the adjective is 'no'.


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there is no adjective in this sentence, an adjective describes a noun

Avaricious is an adjective that means greedy. A sentence for avaricious is: Some companies are avaricious and will do anything to get money.

Example sentence for the adjective 'wasteful':The company's review of wasteful practices is an effort to save money.

There is no predicate adjective in that sentence.

There are two, as identified by the bolded font: What is the adjective in thissentence.

Easy! You can use counterfeit just like any other regular adjective for example The small-time crook makes counterfeit money to trick people to think that it is real money. In this sentence, counterfeit means " fake"

the adjective of money is monetary

Noun sentence: Jane is nice.Pronoun sentence: She is nice.adjective sentence: Warm is nice.

The adjective in that sentence is "beautiful". An adjective is used to desciribe a noun. The noun in the sentence is "gift".

Loathsome is an adjective - it's used to qualify a noun in a sentence.Eg: He is a loathsome man, who would forsake morality for money.

The adjective in that sentence would be skillfully.

It is an adjective of the sentence and it is charecterized by the linking verb in the sentence

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. The following sentence is an example of a sentence using an adjective. The lazy dog slept all day. The word lazy is the adjective that describes dog.

There are several reasons that you can't go to the movies, you have no money, you have no ride, you have homework to do.

NO but in the sentence "Use of the word "in" as an adjective is IN these days" the IN is an adjective

The sentence is a declarative sentence, a sentence making a statement. The adjective in the sentence is 'high' describing the noun 'kick'. The word 'very' is used as an adverb to modify the adjective 'high'.

An adjective subscribed a noun.:-)

A adjective that starts a sentence

"The light was on" is a complete sentence. "On" is the adjective.

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