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The adjective in this sentence is "fast"; "really" acts as an adverb.

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There is no adjective in that sentence. The word "fast" is sometimes used as an adjective, but in this sentence it modifies the verb "run," so "fast" is an adverb.

Yes. Example: He bought a fast car. Fast is an adjective describing car.

That black horse is running fast.

I ran really fast today. Cars go really fast.

The fast car sped around the corner, narrowly missing a tree. Billy is a fast runner and should win the race.

It can be either, because there is no adverb form (fastly) for speed.A fast car (adjective)He drove fast (adverb)

no, fast is an adjective.

Fast is an adjective.It can be used to describe people/objects/animals.That car is fast!I can run really fast!Cheetahs move fast!---Fast as a verb means to abstain from food or drink, usually for religious reasons.

When I excersise my vital sign goes really fast.

He could do arithmetic in his head *really fast. *optional

The word VERY means greatly or extremely. VERY is mainly used to further explain an adjective or adverb. It virtually always directly precedes the word it modifies.In this sentence: "I ran my lap very fast," VERY is an adverb that describes the adverb FAST.In this sentence: "John is very sick" the adverb VERY describes the adjective SICK.

Speedy is a specific adjective

Fast can be used as an adjective, a verb, and an adverb. Adjective: That is a fast car. Verb: She fasted for five days to lose weight. Adverb: He drives fast. Fast can also be used as a noun. Example: She went on a five-day fast.

Yes it is. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. For example, I have a fast computer.It can also be an adverb, as in "He runs fast."Another use of the adjective or adverb is to mean tight or tightly (held fast).In a separate usage, fast is a verb (to not eat, to abstain).

Yes, it is a describing word thus it is an adjective.

The word fast can be any of these, although the noun and verb are homonyms and do not mean speed. fast (noun): a period without food (he took part in a fast) fast (verb): to go without food (she will fast overnight) fast (adjective): speedy (it is a fast plane) fast (adverb): quickly (driving too fast is dangerous) A noun is a person, place, or thing. For example: a cat ,the bank, Mr. Smith An adjective is a descriptive word. For example: stinky, nice, fluffy A verb is a word that describes you actions. For example: run, jump, think An adverb is a word that changes a sentence, verb, other adverb, or an adjective. For example: probably, easily, very.

surprisingly the summer holidays are going really fast that school will be opening soon.

This boy should be at the front of the line. That boy is really fast on his feet!

Yes, fastest is the superlative form of the adjective fast.

Several. My personal favorite is fast, which is a verb, noun, adjective and adverb:verb: I will fast on Fridays for Lent.noun: During Ramadan, the fast lasts from sunrise till sunset.adjective: My daughter is a fast runner.adverb: Boy, that day went by fast!

not fast really really really fast

Yes, the word 'fast' is a noun as a word for a period of abstaining from food.The word 'fast' is also a verb and an adjective.Examples:The fast will last two days. (noun)We will fast to remember the ordeal of our ancestors. (verb)He likes to drive a fast car. (adjective)The noun form of the verb to fast is the gerund, fasting.The noun form of the adjective fast is fastness.

This is a red shirt.In the above sentence red is an adjective.That is a fast car.In the above sentence fast is an adjective.There was a strange light in the sky.The word strange is an adjective.The library seems deserted.The word deserted is an adjective describing the library.The ride might be scary.The word scary describes the ride.Bob is tall but Jim is taller.Both tall and taller are adjectives.The black cat became very noisy.Both black and noisy describe the cat.She can run faster than me.Faster is a comparative adjectiveThis is the best food in town.Best is a superlative adjective.

The noun form of the adjective fast is fastness.

Yeah she did do that on accdent she was so excited that she opened the door to quick and got Jacob on the leg but he heals really fast so no worries