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Advantages of a pluralistic society include fostering acceptance, understanding, and preserving traditions. Preserving cultures and finding common beliefs are other advantages of pluralistic societies.

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Q: What is the advantage of a pluralistic society?
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What is opposite of pluralistic society?

Although only in theory, the opposite of a pluralistic society is a monistic society.

What is a society populated by a variety of different ethnic groups called?

a pluralistic society

Is America a pluralistic society?

America is a pluralistic society due to the magnitude of its diversity. America at is core is a nation of immigrants forging ethnically, religiously, and culturally heterogeneous society.

What kind of society does Bulgaria have?

Democratic, Multiethnic, pluralistic

What type of society consists of several distinct cultures and groups?

pluralistic society

Why India is called a pluralistic society?

explain in brief the pluralist nature of Indian society

Consisting of several distinct culture and groups?

pluralistic society

How do the terms pluralistic and consensus apply to American society?

Both apply to American society. Pluralistic societies are those with a diverse cultures and groups. Consensus is a general agreement between these groups.

Is it possible for Ethiopia to be pluralistic society and form a common national identity.?


Is UK a pluralistic society?

UK has a rich and diverse multi-racial community

Advantages of living in a plural society?

None! When the serpent tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, he was proposing a pluralistic society.

How does the terms pluralistic and consensus both apply to american society?

America is a pluralistic society in theory but in reality the people with money are influential and those without it make due. The consensus is represented by the media which is sponsored by those with money.