What is the advantage of leasing Rims and Tires as opposed to buying them?


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The only advantage would be the intitla cost is less when leasing rims and tires.

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Buying new tires for your car can be overwhelming. There is so much information everywhere, that it is hard to know which tires are right for you. Buying tires can be quite the ordeal if you dont know what youre looking for.

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It depends on the type of tire you get and where you are buying the tires from. Maybe its not just the tire, rims do cost extra.

I would NOT recommend buying tires online ! -You want to physically see what is going on your car. Your life will depend on it.

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You can get used tires online from sites such as usedtire.com. Also, check the Yellow Pages to search for businesses selling tires near you. Buying local may avoid high shipping costs from buying online.

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Used tires often no longer have a manufacturer guarantee, their lifespan is much shorter than new tires, occasionally there can be undetected wear spots that can be dangerous.

Finding new tires to replace tires for winter weather can be done at Costco or Sam's club or by going to the local car dealers or repair shops and buying from them.

You can, but it wouldn't bring you any measurable advantage.

One can find information on buying wheels and tires at your local tire dealer, such as Goodyear, or Bridgestone. They offer the most comprehensive up to date information, so it is best to deal with them.

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