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The main advantage for using the print server is you dont have to connect your printer to a computer and share the printer on that computer (printer shared computer). To be more specific, it means you dont need printer shared computer anymore and can use that computer for other purposes.


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A laptop printer may or may not be wireless. Today with most laptops having wireless connectivity and with printers for laptops being available with wireless connection for a reasonable price, most laptop printers will be wireless.

wireless printers have no wires and caple one doder who doesn't know that

Printers work by sending data to the computer they're connected to. For example, wired printers send electrical impulses. Wireless printers send data using wifi.

it can reduce your wireless network speed.

Wireless printers can allow you to free yourself somewhat from wire clutter in your workspace or home. There is little to no price diference in wireless printing versus standard plug and print printers.

No. Most wireless printers can use wired or wireless connections. It just means it's wifi ready if you plan on using it.

Most majority of routers should not have any problems working with wireless printers, the only exception is whether you are using securing or not. Many printers do not support new security protocols such as WPA2.

Wireless inkjet printers are reliable. It is the same as any other printer and depends on wireless router. Fail rate is no different than a wired printer.

There are many great wireless printers that would be perfect but all offer different capabilities and extra things. If you go to you can read about the top 10 wireless printers.

Yes, Kodak sells wireless printers. A good place to start in searching for those products is Wal-Mart, particularly their website.

Wireless printers do not need laptops for to work. If you really have two identical wireless printers, configured using DHCP. You should not have any conflicts. If you are using static IP addressing you might have conflicts if you choose the same IP for both. If your printers connected to laptops which make you printers wireless, again you should not have any problems (if the laptops do not have problems with its IPs).

There is a large variety of wireless printers so it also depends on what kind of features you want along with the printer. It can be color or black or white and laser.

Yes, it's possible. Connect both printers to a computer which has wireless or lan connection with the router and activate sharing in the printers' properties. If printers have its own network interface, make sure that network properties are configured properly.

Some printers will, but they must either support one-touch or wireless printing.

OFFICEJET 6000, 6000 Wireless, 6500, 6500 Wireless, 7000, 7500A E910a HP printers use the HP 920 cartridges.

Apple computers can be used with wireless printers. These include MAC desktop computers as well as MAC laptop computers. Wireless printers allow printing without the use of a wire connected to the computer.

Yes it will save you space as you can get a smaller one. Also you have no wire clutter and it can be faster then ordinary printers. As its wireless you are free to put it where you choose and if you get an all in one wireless printer you can save even more space.

In a way they are. If you want to use the printer from multiple computers using a wireless connection, the wireless printer is the right one for you. They are also great for cutting down on clutter. However, they are more expensive.

The main advantage to wireless television is convenience. With wireless tv you can connect your tv to a cable or satellite without the annoying wires.

You can find many types of photo printers at bestbuy. You can find macs and hp printers there. The hp printers are really good to buy but are very expensive.

Dot matrix, laser and ink jet are three types of printers. Today's consumer is buying wireless laser printers for their home offices.

Wireless printers are nice if you have a secure router that only you or your family use. They are also nice in that you can obviously print wirelessly. Most printers are the capability to be both wired and wireless, so spending the extra money on the wireless probably wouldn't hurt.

Walmart sells the following printers: All in one printers, Laser printers, inkjet printers, Wi-fi (wireless) printers, value bundle printers. Some of the brands are: HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Kodak, brother, to name a few. Prices start from $39.

Wireless printers allow a single printer to be networked by other computers on your wireless network, allows you to make a central location for all printer users, allows you to place the printer further from your computer without running USB cable or further than USB code allows. It does require a wireless router as the hub. Depends on what you want and need.

There are 2 types of printers. One printer is attached to the computer with a cord while the other is wireless.

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