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My F-250 6.0 liter is running rough when it is cold then smooths out after it is warmed up. At first start it starts fine and idles fine but won't take a load when it cold and doesn;t shift well until the engine is warmed up. I have taken off the EGR valve and cleaned it. When I took off the EGR valve it was full of soot but not wet. I cleaned the EGR unit and installed the EGR back in and truck ran better for a while like 50 miles or so, then truck started running rough again when cold. Gray smoke comes out of the exhaust when cold and and while warming up. Will an EGR delete cure my problem and do I need to also delete the EGR cooler?

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Q: What is the advantage to a egr delete kit on 2004 6.0 powerstoke?
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